How To Setup iRacing VR

iRacing is all about creating this realistic, racing simulation. And when you think of simulation, you'll naturally think of Virtual Reality. As it is the biggest facilitator of this in gaming technology.

So, you're wondering how to set up iRacing VR? We're here to equip you with all the knowledge you need!

Why choose VR?

It is no doubt that going for a VR headset with your iRacing setup is going to be costly, and you need a pretty strong PC.

However, if you're looking to get the best experience, the most immersive and realistic one, Virtual Reality should be your go-to. VR headsets come in different kinds and you can choose the one the suits you.

iRacing Oculus Rift
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VIRTUAL WORLD: Become part of the iRacing world with VR headsets, the last step on the ladder of immersion!

Virtual Reality lets you become part of the world, with immersive racing tournaments, mesmerizing tracks, surround sound, and having a "feel" for driving. Additionally, if you also have one of the higher-end wheels, you'll be getting force feedback on top of the immersion!

The Setup

Once you've gotten your system all set up, and you know how to start iRacing, you're ready to get your VR headset in! Connecting the headset itself can be a precise process, but it's not complicated. You'll use a step-by-step manual to guide you through the motions, and you can always check the support sites! And they usually come with video tutorials to help you as much as possible!

iRacing VR
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CONNECT AND PLAY: Setting up a VR headset is not as tedious as it seems, so don't be intimidated!

And it's important to keep in mind that you need proper space when using a VR headset! Stay safe and don't be too close to hard surfaces, such as walls. You'll be checking your mirrors as you do in a real racing car! Make sure to stay safe while doing so! We recommend checking detailed guides on setting up your VR Headset from the manufacturer you got it from.

Setup iRacing VR headset

This is the last step! iRacing has multiple options for setting up your headset, alongside many settings to choose from! However, ultimately, we think that a lot of this goes down to player preference. As well as system performance, importantly!

But, your main tool - aside from the in-game settings - is going to the game files to "renderDX11.ini", where you have to check all your settings and find a balance between performance and graphics quality.

iRacing VR Setup guide step by step! Credit: GamerMuscleVideos

So while iRacing can help you set up your Oculus Rift and configure it, there's a lot of different options you can have. Test and try to see what works for you.

The internet is also a great resource for you to read, learn, and ask! So don't be shy and look to find what is the best way to incorporate the headset into your setup!

For more iRacing tips, news, and takes, make sure to tune in again here at iRacing games! Get to racing!

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