Where to Buy iRacing Setups?

There are so many unique things about iRacing. And we've previously covered setups, what they are and how to install them! And you're now wondering, but where to buy an iRacing setup? If you're here we assume you've made your mind on wanting to play the open setup series!

So, We're going to direct you to where you could get your setups from! Here are our top recommendations!

Coaching websites

If you're a competitive iRacing player, and you know how iRacing works, you might want to give this a peek. There are coaching websites that offer setup sales, and many more things for a certain subscription fee.

This is the best value for you, as you will learn to improve and to make your iRacing repertoire much more solid.

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CHOICES: The basic package in Pure Driving School is bountiful, but will you get the professional package?

First and foremost, we have Pure Driving School, guided by Maximilian Benecke. With two different plans offered, up to €9.90 a month. You can even get hot-lap video replays!

There's much room for you to learn from better players, and you can find your mistakes very easily. Additionally, the telemetry technology on car input helps you make the most of this.

Another coaching service is Virtual Racing School. Lead by a team of highly decorated racers, such as Martin Krönke. VRS gives you many options, from tracking your own habits and performances to find your own weaknesses. It also offers driving tutorials, replays, and one on one sessions with professionals upon request and availability. And of course, the setups are plentiful!

Setup shops

The setup shops on the internet are many, and it might be hard to find one that you will like, what we recommend is, Craig's Setup Shop.

A very famous setup shop that sells setups for your favourite cars, and is even used by professional racers. It's also on the cheaper side of things as it costs $4.99 a month!

iRacing Car Setup
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ENGINEERING: Working on your setup lets you be your own mechanic! Give yourself an edge with iRacing setups!

However, there are many other online shops that you can find setups in, and it will all depend on your budget, what you're looking for, how many cars you drive, and so on.

Why buy iRacing setup?

An important notice is that you don't have to buy iRacing setups. It is encouraged to buy setups if you have no interest in making your own, but you want to get access to them! iRacing is a very competitive game and you'll need every edge you can get!

iRacing Grids
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A NEW CHALLENGE: In open setup races, you're not only going to have to get used to your car and the track but your setup too! A new layer of depth!

That's all folks! It is also good to know that you don't have to buy setups, you can find them for free around the internet, or in the iRacing forums. It all is up to you racer, you choose what you'd like to use!

For more iRacing tips, news, and opinions, make sure to check tune in again right here at Racing Games!

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