Who owns iRacing?

You've all heard of the greatest racing simulator of our time! But who owns iRacing?

The question dates back to a while ago, as iRacing has been around since 2004. Therefore, in order to know about the ownership of iRacing, we have to look at the history.

CEO Dave Kaemmer

Dave Kaemmer and John Henry founded iRacing.com in September of 2004. Dave Kaemmer, now CEO of iRacing, previously co-founded the Papyrus Design Group. The group was known for developing award-winning racing simulators, such as Grand Prix Legends. The success had lead Kaemmer to recruit some of the most proficient developers and programmers among them to join him on his grand project, iRacing.

Dave Kaemmer, Owner of iRacing: Moments after winning.
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BRILLIANCE ON AND OFF TRACK: Dave Kaemmer in his days as an active racer.

Dave Kaemmer's succeeded beyond the bounds of game development as well. Actively racing, he won 19 races in the Skip Barber Racing Championship. Kaemmer also held the series lap record time at Lime Rock Park. Kaemmer's success had deemed him, the "godfather" of sim-racing. As such, the iRacing team has consequently founded sim-racing.

Co-founder John Henry

A name not foreign to many, in and out of the racing world. John Henry is the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox, the well-known baseball team. He also owns the historical Liverpool football club alongside Tom Werner, as the "Fenway Sports Group". And last but not least, he is the owner of Roush Fenway Racing, a high-class NASCAR team.

John Henry: Businessman and Investor.
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INVESTING PASSION: John Henry is a passionate leader for the teams he owns.

As Motorsport and Avid sim-racers, the owners of racing have found success in building what is an established brand to this day. Look no further than the companies partnered with iRacing. Companies such as Audi, BMW, Aston Martin, and NASCAR, some of the biggest names in the world of racing.

The duality that owns iRacing

iRacing was founded on the hands of these two successful men, and upon their legacy. Here we are 17 years later, talking about their game that has been executed with perfection. iRacing truly is a thriving example of how great things take time. It has been growing in the golden age of video games. The future is looking bright as we can rest assured with iRacing being in good hands. For more iRacing news and takes, we have you covered here at Racing Games!

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