How to Adjust the FOV in Le Mans Ultimate

Le Mans Ultimate: How to adjust the FOV

Le Mans Ultimate: How to adjust the FOV

Le Mans Ultimate has burst into early access, with players able to get their hands on the game right now. Many racers will be hitting the track straight away, but some may be looking to tweak some settings first, including the field of view.

Let’s take a look at how to adjust the FOV settings in Le Mans Ultimate.

Racing the field

Le Mans Ultimate boasts one of the most immersive racing experiences available. Placing you at the wheel of a 2023 World Endurance Championship car, on the 2023 WEC tracks, the game puts you right at the heart of the action.

Le Mans Ultimate: How to adjust the FOV
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Each and every race is filled with cars from all three WEC classes, leading to a packed grid every weekend. Being best in class is always the goal, racing the field to achieve the impossible. But with a packed track, there’s a lot to keep an eye on while racing.

Getting your settings spot on for the perfect race is key. One of these key settings is the field of view (FOV). With some needing a stronger FOV than others, it can be quite disorientating to use the wrong FOV for your taste. So how do you adjust the FOV in Le Mans Ultimate?

How to adjust FOV in Le Mans Ultimate

To adjust the FOV in Le Mans Ultimate, head to the settings menu. This can be accessed both from the game’s main menu and from the pause menu during a race session.

Once in the settings, click on the ‘Graphics’ tab. From here, scroll down to the ‘Visuals’ section, and you’ll find the FOV adjuster named ‘Vertical FOV’.

Le Mans Ultimate: How to adjust the FOV
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This is set to the lowest value by default, so those looking to increase the FOV will need to click on the right arrow. Sadly, there’s no way to decrease the FOV beyond the default setting, but you shouldn’t need to do so as the default FOV is tolerable.

Once you have your FOV where you want it, it’s time to hit the track and put it to the test.

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