How to Change Controls in Le Mans Ultimate

Le Mans Ultimate: How to change controls

Le Mans Ultimate: How to change controls

Le Mans Ultimate has arrived, with players now able to get stuck into the racing action. Some players might not like the control scheme, but in the heat of the racing, the controls aren’t the easiest to change. Thankfully, our guide will show you how to change controls in Le Mans Ultimate.

Hitting the track

Le Mans Ultimate is the ultimate racing test. Putting you behind the wheel of a World Endurance Championship car, Le Mans Ultimate is the official racing title of the WEC.

Le Mans Ultimate: How to change controls
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Featuring every car and track from the 2023 WEC season, players can race with their favourite team and driver. Full race weekends are featured in the game, including practice sessions, qualifying, and, of course, the races themselves. Each race takes place over a set time period, with the aim being to become first in class.

Le Mans Ultimate features a fully configurable control scheme as well, but while racing it’s not always easy to remap the control scheme mid-race. So how do you change the controls in Le Mans Ultimate?

How to change controls in Le Mans Ultimate

To change the control scheme, you head to the settings menu. This can be accessed from both the main menu of the game or the pause screen during each weekend session.

Once in the settings, click on the ‘Controls’ tab. From here, you can see every control for your wheel, controller, or keyboard.

Le Mans Ultimate: How to change controls
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To change a control input, select the option from the menu, then press the button on your wheel, controller, or keyboard that you want to switch the input to. If you want to cancel changing the input, hit the ESC key on the keyboard.

It’s important to note that you can only navigate the menus using a mouse at the time of writing, so be sure to keep yours in reach during each session.

Once you’re happy with your new control scheme, you’re ready to hit the track.

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