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A new Tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour, bringing with it some awesome new content and even a new track!

The game is an awesome experience for rookie and veteran Mario Kart players alike, and you can play the game for free.

However, the nature of the game means that some people find it hard to play. So, let's take a look at controller support in Mario Kart Tour now!

Using a controller on Mario Kart Tour

With the touch-screen controls of the game, many find it difficult to race. As such, the question often goes round concerning controller support on Mario Kart Tour.

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RACING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Some people would like to use a controller in-game!

Unfortunately, there is no native controller support on the game, a feature which players have been asking for since release.

Despite the many calls for it to be added, Nintendo haven't yet followed through. However, there is a way to use certain controllers. Let's take a look at it!

Touch-screen emulator

The main way to get a controller to work on the game is using one of any touch-screen emulators. There are many companies that provide these.

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Once you've downloaded the software, you'll likely need a controller made by said company. As annoying as this is, there isn't yet a way of getting standard controllers (Xbox/PlayStation) to work with the game.

Finally, just start up Mario Kart Tour and calibrate your controls. The nature of touch-screen emulators makes it very easy to adjust what the controls do.

Ninja Tour

The new tour landed today and lasts until April 20th for all players of the game. This means there are two weeks for you to get playing, get those challenges done (like the pesky bamboo ones!) earn some big rewards.

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GRID TIME: You’ll need to make sure you’re fast off the line!

This Tour, there are 255 total Grand Stars to collect in order to earn all the prizes, you’ll need to make sure you get racing.

This time, the Gold Pass offers some exciting incentives. This includes 1,100 coins, 30 rubies, and 15 total item tickets over the free rewards.

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