Mario Kart Tour - Sydney Tour, new track, new characters & more!

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A new Tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour, as we see the end of the Ninja Tour.

The new tour takes us to Sydney, Australia, and we're excited to get hands-on.

So, let's take a look at these details now, what new challenges players have to complete, and what new content we can earn!

Latest News - Trailer and tour now live!

The below trailer shows us some exciting details of this new tour which is now live in the game!


One of the best parts is a new track, which takes us for a drive around the city of Sydney.

New challenges, and rewards also enter the game, with anything from Biddybuggy to the Cloud Glider up for grabs.

Sydney Tour

The new tour takes us down to Australia, and with it now out, you can start getting your challenges completed.

MK Tour tours
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TOURS GALORE: There have been plenty of tours throughout the game's history!

New challenges for this tour include Land 5 hits with Bananas, and even Land a hit with a Blooper! The full list is below:

Challenges Rewards
All ClearQuick Ticket x1
Do 5 Rocket StartsGrand Star x1
Land 5 hits with BananasGrand Star x1
Get a Fantastic combo a total of 5 timesGrand Star x1
Land a hit with a BlooperGrand Star x2
Activate Frenzy mode 5 times using a driver with a hatGrand Star x2
Get 1st place a total of 5 times on a Sydney courseGrand Star x2
Do 5 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts using a driver wearing earrings.Grand Star x2
Earn a total score of 20,000 or higher in the Toadette CupGrand Star x2
Take out 3 GoombasGrand Star x2

Release date

These tours in Mario Kart Tour last two weeks, and the Sydney Tour is out now.

MK Tour MP TN 2
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ENJOY TOGETHER: Mario Kart Tour is made for multiplayer!

The tour will arrive on April 21 at 14:00, and will last until May 5 at 13:59. This gives another time frame of two weeks for the tour.

So, unforutnately, if you were still hoping to get your Ninja Tour challenges done, those are now over!

New tracks and characters


Firstly, it makes sense that a Sydney circuit is coming to the game. Our first glimpses of art show the Sydney Harbour Bridge, proving this theory (as well as the name of the tour itself!)

MK Tour Birdo 1
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NEW CHARACTERS: Each tour sees some exciting new content for players!

We also see Baby Mario touring the city with Rosalina in the art work. As such, we can assume that a new character will be Baby Mario (Koala), and we were right.

If you're looking to get your hands on this awesome new character, you'll want to start saving up those gems now!