Gran Turismo creator seeks better than real life experience for players

The brain behind one of our favourite titles, Gran Turismo, has laid out what he'd like to do next alongside the Real Driving Simulator.

Kazunori Yamauchi revealed some plans he has outside of racing titles, and they sound incredible.

So, let's take a look now at what exactly he said, and what kind of title we could expect!

Beyond Gran Turismo

In an interview with KPMG, Yamauchi started to reveal all when it comes to his ambitions for other titles. In fact, this may end up being one of the most ambitious titles of all time.

gran turismo 7
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Much of the interview focusses on the Gran Turismo developer's ideas surrounding how technology can improve our world.

Following this, he went on to explain how his next wish is to create a virtual world that feels more real than real life. Sounds like an incredible title to us!

Gran Turismo fans, don't fear!

For those who follow Yamauchi for Gran Turismo and his racing game adventures, don't worry, he is still hard at work.

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STUNNING VISUALS: We know Yamauchi and the team can make incredible looking games!

In fact, following Gran Turismo 7's delay, we're certain he's making sure the next-gen title is ready for launch more so than ever before.

Similarly, going forward, Yamauchi also stated that he "[intends] to continue Gran Turismo going forward". As such, we can be sure that his incredible guiding hand will play a role in future games.

More real than... Real?

Thankfully, Yamauchi gave us a small insight into how a title like this would manifest itself in the gaming world. Well, almost, but we'll get on to that right now.

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FINGERS CROSSED: As far as GT7 is concerned, we hope it arrives soon!

Diving a bit deeper into his childhood, he explained that while growing up, he enjoyed spending time outdoors. In a world where that is becoming ever more difficult, it's easy to see where a place for a game like this appears.

The project sounds like it would be incredibly difficult to make, and also seems perfectly suited to VR. Regardless, our fingers are crossed that Yamauchi gets to make this game sooner rather than later!

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