Art of Rally: Console launch, release date, Xbox, Switch, PlayStation!

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Art of Rally has already had an incredibly successful launch on PC, and it's easy to see why.

The game's aesthetics and incredibly addictive gameplay are a sure fire winner, and this latest release date announcement only helps that hype.


So, with Art of Rally now coming to PlayStation as well as Xbox and Switch, let's take a look at the game and it's extended console release now!

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Release date confirmed - Xbox and Switch

Excitingly, we now have a confirmed release date for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

This is August 12, just over a week away, and we can't wait to get hands-on with the title! This version of the game will have the Kenya update already included and will be available through Xbox Game Pass.


Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date for the PlayStation version just yet, but as soon as we know, we'll update you.

Art of Rally

There may yet be some of you who haven't heard of Art of Rally, so we're going to give you the lowdown on what you can expect after purchasing the game.


As we've already said, the artistic style of the game is incredibly unique, and a huge selling point for the title. Whilst the cars aren't officially licensed versions, the 50 vehicles in the game are all well detailed. In fact, the game even has a custom livery editor, with over 400 in the game already.

The game even has over 60 classic rally stages from around the world, with a Summer update adding stages from Kenya also.

The viewpoint

Another feature which helps the game feel so unique is the POV from which you play the game.


The gameplay features a top-down camera angle, almost similar to a chase cam.

This, coupled with the minimalist art style, make for a truly unique art style and gameplay experience that will be sure to hook many players in.

Console arrival

Excitingly, the game will arrive across all consoles this Summer. That's right, wannabe players with any console will be able to play!


We already knew the title was coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, however, PlayStation 4 and 5 had been left in the dark.

We also don't know if the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will have any improvements over their last-gen counterparts, or even a release date. However, as soon as we do know, we'll be sure to let you know!