Asphalt 9 Online: Duke it out Worldwide

Asphalt9, has been a fan favorite on mobile, tablet and PC platforms, since its launch.

It is the latest installation in the Asphalt series and is creating major inroads in the world of esports and online gaming. Asphalt 9 Online is as fast-paced as it gets.

What would one need to immerse themselves in the world of online racing in Asphalt 9?

Asphalt 9 Online: Multiplayer World Series

Online mode is unlocked after completing 'The Rise of a Legend' series of races. It consists of leagues and leaderboards.

Multiplayer World Series Leagues Asphalt 9
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Multiplayer World Series Leagues Asphalt 9

Overall player performance rating in each race dictates the League they fall in. You definitely can go up and down the rating based on your position in each race.

Your position is another criteria to gauge your performance. The lower side of the banner of series in multiplayer channel shows your position. A podium in each race increases your position.

Multiplayer Trial Series

Asphalt, from time to time, keeps launching trial series with select cars. These races are extremely exciting since all cars in these races are evenly matched. You do not need to have those cars in your garage. Exciting, right?

Multiplayer Trial Series Leagues
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Multiplayer Trial Series Leagues

What's more is, these cars are lightening fast. The series itself is very competitive. The tracks keep on changing, and the dynamics of it are the same as World Series.

Asphalt 9 Online: eSports

Asphalt 9 Online is highly competitive when it comes to esports. The brand keeps launching esports events in collaboration with car manufacturers. The latest of those being Asphalt 9 eSports Competition: Lamborghini Racing World.

I am rising fast in Asphalt 9 world Positions
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Rising fast in Asphalt 9 world Positions

In the world of esports, Asphalt 9 is rising in ranks, both in terms of prize money and popularity. The increase in frequency of such events is making young gamers happy, excited and hopeful.

It sure is fun to play Asphalt 9, but it gets to the next level when its combined with competitions. The world of Asphalt is now more connected that it ever was. Go get yourself on the leader boards now!

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