Asphalt 9 Soundtrack: The backdrop to your racing dreams

Since its creation, Asphalt has taken fast and high paced virtual racing to new heights. A major contributor in the popularity of this game is its soundtrack. Asphalt 9 Soundtrack makes this unrealistic racing experience simply realistic.

One of the most iconic soundtracks of previous generation was NFS Most Wanted. Asphalt 9 is surely also on that iconic level.

Soundtrack Genres in Asphalt 9 Soundtrack

Asphalt 9 is full of pumping music, boosting your adrenaline and game experience. Its not just the length and beats of sound track, its also about the diversity of genres.

Asphalt 9 PM
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Let the Music Flow through you

The different genres available in the soundtrack are Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Electronica, Dub Step, Pop, Hard Rock, Future House, Synthrock, Progressive Dance, Trap, Electronic Rock, D&B, Hard Rock, House, and more.

The Feature Song

The feature song of Asphalt 9 Legends perfectly grips people with the essence of the game. It is by The Score. The Score is from New York City. It is alternative rock band formed in 2015.

'Bang Bang! Bang Bang! Don't Stop til we are Legends.' This song inspires you to be a legend. It motivates you to get moving and competing.

Inspiring Songs in Asphalt 9 Soundtrack

Born for Greatness by Papa Roach is one truly inspiring song in this Asphalt 9 Soundtrack. It urges to chase greatness, to act for achieving greatness and go up against competition without hesitation. A totally great song to listen to while racing.

Come and Get it by Krubb Weinkroist is another great song to play in the background while racing. The song has the beats to keep you pumped. The lyrics itself mentally habituate you go get it.

Then there are other great songs like Renegade by Axwell and Ingrosso, Hands Up by Prophets of Rage and Drawp Da Bass by DJ Gontran, among many others.

Exclusives for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users have the privilege of enjoying some exclusive songs in the list of Soundtrack.

Asphalt 9 PM
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Rise from back

Taking you out by Passcode is one such song, exclusive only to the Asphalt 9 racers on Nintendo. Its in the Genre of J-Metal. With heavy beats and message, it makes you ruthless.

Changing songs on Asphalt 9

You can not change songs on Asphalt 9. It might be very much appreciated, but you have a big list to choose from. Check out the all the tracks from its Soundtrack here.

All the songs on the Asphalt 9 Soundtrack are simply energizing. With an amazing soundtrack, Asphalt 9 rules strong.

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