Best racing games on PC

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Sim racing has exploded in popularity, but what are the best racing games on PC?

While console is great for pick-up-and-play racing, even the best racing games on PS5 can't compete with the racing experience you can get on a PC.


Be it high-end beasts or gaming laptops, there are plenty of options for racers!

Best racing games on PC

We're looking at every racing game on PC to see which are the best. They don't have to be PC exclusive titles though. One thing to note is that you will need a sim racing wheel if you want to make the most of these games.

There are plenty of good racing games on Xbox but if they are on PC too they are eligible for this list!

So what are the best racing games on PC? Let's find out.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Let's start with my favourite racing games right now, Assetto Corsa Competizione, or ACC.


ACC specialises in GT3 racing and is the officially licenced game of the SRO Motorsports Group, covering the GT World Challenge.

First released in September 2018, ACC continues to see DLC packs that add new tracks and cars to the game, along with constant updates to the physics and handling to make the game as realistic as possible.

ACC offers a good single-player career mode and excellent online racing. It's a great endurance racing platform too, allowing you and your friends to take on races with driver swaps.


iRacing is one of the oldest sim racing titles out there, having first arrived in August 2008.

While the graphics lag behind what ACC can offer, when it comes to replicating physical racing iRacing is arguably unmatched.


iRacing operates on a subscription model, but don't go thinking it's Netflix, it's more like to Amazon Prime. There is some content included in your iRacing subscription, but the majority of it is locked behind further purchases.

However, iRacing also offers the best online experience, with thriving lobbies from rookie class all the way up to esports. If you have a specific racing category that you want to sink your time into then iRacing is the one for you.

rFactor 2

rFactor 2 is less of a game and more a piece of elite sim racing software. It can be tricky to launch, and while the navigation and user experience has been improved it is still far from what many expect from a game.

However, once you are out on track rFactor 2 is simply sensational. Used for official esports championships like Formula E and the Virtual Le Mans Series, rFactor 2 is just a superb racing experience.

With a good amount of content in the base game, rFactor 2 also has a huge library of DLC that will add new circuits and cars for you to race on. If you want to try Formula E this is the only place you'll get official tracks, while its LMPs & IndyCars are also superb.


F1 Manager 2022

A left-field pick, but F1 Manager 2022 is a racing game where you don't actually drive the car.

Instead, you take over as team principal of a Formula 1 team and try to lead them to glory.

Rather than turning a wheel, you will be responsible for the development direction of the car, negotiations with drivers, and their in-race strategy.

It's your chance to prove that you are better than Ferrari's strategists and smarter than Mercedes' development team!


Sneaking in as one of the best racing games on PC is KartKraft. As the name suggests, this game is focused on karting.


From indoor circuits you might have visited for a friends birthday to full-blown outdoor tracks, there is a lot of unique racing here.

While still something of a work in progress, KartKraft offers an amazing recreation of karting, from the stiff handling to the bumpy ride and the intense wheel-to-wheel action.

The game is missing some vital features, and right now there is no multiplayer (though it is on the way), as a focused racing simulator it is a stellar game.