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Bus Simulator 21: Release date confirmed, platforms, buses, & more!

Bus Simulator 21 is another of the various simulator titles of 2021, along with Farming Simulator 22, and the amazing SnowRunner which is diving into Phase 4.

The sim title has had various previous games, with a number of titles released across various platforms already.

With the latest game's release date now fully announced, let's take a look!

Bus Simulator 21

The title itself will once again put the player in the driving seat of a number of buses, including two brand-new Mercedes vehicles. More on those later!

BS 2
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The original Bus Simulator launched in 2018, with developers Astragon Entertainment and stillalive Studios deciding to wait 3 years until the next release.

The game is going to launch across all major consoles and PC, excluding Switch. This even includes backwards compatibility capabilities for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.


In total, Bus Simulator 21 comes with 30 officially licensed vehicles for players to try. That's right, 30 different buses for us to have a go at.

BS 1
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These include various types of bus also, including city buses, articulated buses, e-buses and even a double decker bus. So there will be plenty of ways to enjoy the game.

Specifically players will be able to experience the brand-new eCitaro electric bus and a much larger eCitaro G articulated bus with three axles.

Release Date and Price

Excitingly, the game will arrive later this year, with a release date for all platforms penned in for September 7 on all platforms.

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The game will launch with a separate price based on which platform you're playing on. This includes a price of £29.99 for those on PC through Steam and £44.99 on Xbox One and PS4.

The game will, of course, be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility, so we can assume the same price will be applicable.

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