CarX Drift Racing Online:Update 2.11.0 lands, new cars, new map, & more!

There are a number of ways for players to race in games; point to point, on a track, or simply with the objective to smash into each other.

Well, there is one more way, and that's sideways. That's where CarX Drift Racing Online comes in.

Now, the game has a new update which adds some awesome new content. Let's take a look now!

New cars

There are three new vehicles joining the game in this update, each of which players will be incredible excited to see.

CarX 2
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These are the Penguin, the GloriousXZ and the Flash. As with most cars in the game, these are based on real-life vehicles that are popular in the drifting scene.

The GloriousXZ appears to closely resemble a Nissan 300ZX and the Flash looks much like a real-world Nissan ER34. We can't wait to get sideways in these beasts.

New map

NRing is the latest map to join the game with update 2.11.0.

This will be a new track for players to drift on, and seems suitable for a number of ways to compete.

New physics

One of the biggest changes coming with this update is the new physics version, which adds a number of big improvements for players.

CarX Lada
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Most notably, lots of effort has been put into realism. The tyre physics has been improved as well as the realism of the suspension and the engine response.

This should help with the immersion of the title even more, and really help the players feel connected to the car whilst drifting.

Other changes

There are a number of other additions also, including new bodykits and new stickers. These will help you stand out from the crowd that bit extra.

Carx Flash
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The UI in the kit selection has also changed, as the various bodykits available to you now have individuals names and pictures.

Finally, the latest update has added new rims in the D-Spec category. Be sure to grab yourself a set and try them out for yourself!

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