CarX Street Map: What do we know about Sunset City so far? Mountain Drive, Midtown, & more

CarX Street Map

CarX Street Map

CarX Street is the first open-world game in the series and has a big map to explore. CarX Street is from the same developers as CarX Drift Racing Online and is showing all of the hallmarks of a quality game.

CarX Tech has been revealing small sections of this map at a time through their Steam blog posts. So, let's try and piece these together to get a picture of what to expect in 2023.

CarX Street Map

CarX Tech has been extremely active on their Steam blog for CarX Street. Ever since the game was announced last year, the developers have been keeping their fans in the loop.

This includes the below post from October 2020, which featured their plans for the full map:

CarX street map
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THE LAY OF THE LAND: Sunset City's layout was confirmed pretty early on in the game's development

The first thing to note is how big this map appears to be. It's not on the scale of San Andreas in GTA V, but this will certainly give the likes of NFS Heat's Palm City a run for its money.

There are six districts to explore: Lighthouse, Mountain Drive, Port, Industrial, Midtown, and Lake Valley. CarX Tech even outlined their plans for developing the game as well, which included a timeline of the construction of the districts:

CarX Street dev roadmap
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Bear in mind that these dates will have changed now that the game has been delayed until December 2022.

Harbor/ Port

CarX Street Harbor Port 3
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This district has changed names since we first got introduced to it. CarX Tech has stated that this is the first district you'll see in-game. So, it'll therefore be where the game's single-player mode starts and where you'll likely get your first car.

Keep in mind that the quality of the graphics in these screenshots will vary due to the development being ongoing.

CarX Street Harbor Port 2
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CarX Street Industrial
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Just north of the port, there's the Industrial area of Sunset City. The Industrial section makes up the rest of the small island south of the main city itself. Neon lights, palm trees and large buildings make up the bulk of this area.

CarX Street Industrial 2
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CarX Street Midtown 3
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Midtown is the heart of Sunset City, where the tallest skyscrapers and widest roads are found. It's also where the law (if we get police in-game) will be most prevalent, so be wary of racing through here.

CarX Street Midtown 4
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Mountain Drive

CarX Street Mountain Drive
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CarX Street's Mountain Drive has finally been given a proper reveal on CarX Tech's Steam blog. The above screenshot gives us a glimpse into what the area will look like.

This is the only section of the map which has received a zoomed-in look on CarX Tech's posts.

Unsurprisingly, this mountainous area has sharp inclines and declines and will likely have some of the most stunning views in the game like the forested one below:

CarX Street Mountain Drive 4
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Lake Valley?

CarX Street Lakes
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Another set of photos was uploaded shortly after and it's not clear again where these are taken. There seems to be a lot of holiday homes and we can see lakes in the background, so we'll hazard a guess and say this is from the Lake Valley.

Either way, these areas look beautiful, and we can't wait to tear around their roads in our favourite cars.

CarX Street Lakes 2
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CarX Street Lighthouse
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Although we can't see any lighthouses in these shots, there could be one just out of scope. Given that this is the one district left, we'd assume this is from that area. There are beaches, perfect weather and less cars here, so it looks like another good area to escape Sunset City.

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