CarX Street Release Date: Launch day delayed until 2022

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With each new post on their Steam blog, we're getting more and more confident that CarX Street will be one to look out for in 2022. CarX Technologies originally stated that their open-world racing game would be released this year. However, since then, the game has been delayed by a year until 2022.


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When is the new release date, then? And will it launch next year as planned? We've got everything you need to know right here!

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Latest News - Release date delayed

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WORTH THE WAIT: CarX Street has been delayed, but not without good reason

CarX Street will be released worldwide on 8th September 2022. It was originally slated for a November 2021 release but has been delayed by almost a year. This is because CarX Tech wasn't happy with the quality of the game and didn't want to put it out half-baked. A lot of developers could learn from CarX Tech in this regard.


Will CarX Street launch as planned?

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ON TRACK: We don't see why the game won't release in September next year

A delay of ten months may seem like a long time, but this isn't unheard of. It's not without good reason either, as CarX Tech want a complete game to hit the market rather than one that's playable and will be fixed via patches later on. This will give the developers almost a year to make Sunset City a perfect sandbox to explore.

It will also allow for improvements to physics model and allow for the polishing of more unique systems like the game's real estate options.


Which consoles is CarX Street available on?

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BEAUTIFUL: CarX Street is looking gorgeous on PC

CarX Tech had previously released both CarX Drift Racing Online and its sequel on mobile first. The developers have changed tactics for CarX Street though, as it'll be released exclusively on PC before any other system.

That doesn't mean to say that a console and/ or mobile port will come about at some point, though. In fact, it's likely given how much success the first CarX Drift game has had on PlayStation and Xbox.

Where can I buy CarX Street?

CarX Street is available on release solely through the Steam store. Pre-orders aren't available yet, nor is an open beta for testing. However, CarX Tech regularly post to the game's blog, so when updates do happen, they let you know there.