CarX Street: PC, PS5 and Xbox Versions On-track for 2024 Release

CarX Street
Credit: CarX Technologies

CarX Street
Credit: CarX Technologies

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CarX Street, the latest instalment in the CarX series, is the first open-world CarX game!

After the raging success of both CarX Drift Racing Online and its sequel CarX Drift Racing 2, it was inevitable that we'd see a new CarX title before too long.

CarX Technologies has very much taken a new direction with CarX Street and we've finally got a trailer for its PC version as well as a release window for its console and PC versions.

After being out mobile for a while, it's great to see the PC and console versions on the way soon!

Latest News: Console & PC Versions on-track

In their latest Q&A social media post, CarX Tech confirmed that both the PC and console versions of CarX Street are on-track to be completed before the end of 2024.

So, the PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Xbox Seires X|S versions of CarX Street should be out before the end of the year, but we don't have a specific release date yet.

CarX Street
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Credit: CarX Technologies

We also know that the early access version of the PC port will be available to players before the end oft the year, but nothing more specific than that. The PC Teaser Trailer still has up hyped, though.

CarX Tech also confirmed other features such as a livery editor, weather, mods and a story mode campaign, although most of these will likely be available via a post-launch patch.

PC Teaser Trailer

After a very long period of radio silence, we finally got some new information about CarX Street from CarX Tech.

A tweet earlier this month from the Russian developers confirmed that the large update 1.20 was coming to CarX Street on mobile.

Even bigger though, was the reveal of the game's PC Teaser Trailer!

Despite being only 27 seconds long, this definitely whets the appetite for the game, teeing it up as an epic battle between street racers and the police:

CarX Tech also confirmed via Twitter, that the PC version of CarX Street will be available for early access on Steam "later this year". CarX Street's early access will effectively be an open beta test, where players can enjoy the game before its full release.

This comes off the back of a closed beta test at the end of 2023. The devs need between 2-3 months to address the bugs present in the beta version of CarX Street, after which there will be one more final closed beta test.

There is no official date for release, nor the early access, but based off of this, the early access could be as soon as summer this year.


Originally, CarX Street was only confirmed for PC. Now though, CarX Street has been released for both iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

CarX Drift Racing Online received console ports to both Xbox and PlayStation and the same will be true for CarX Street.

CarX Street
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Credit: CarX Technologies

Although, it isn't clear whether CarX Street will come to the old-gen PS4 and Xbox One. However, it's pretty safe to assume that the PS5 and Series X|S will be getting CarX Street before 2024 is out.

We haven't received any news on other systems such as the Nintendo Switch.

Where to pre-order

The only place to pre-order CarX Street is via the Steam Store for PC. The game is expected to be free on PC and early access will be available before the end of 2024.

CarX Street
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Credit: CarX Technologies

Details on where to buy the console versions of CarX Street haven't been confirmed, but this will likely be the PS Store for PlayStation and the Xbox Store for Xbox.

It's unlikely that the game will get a physical release and instead be digital-only.


There will be different factions, called "Clubs" to join within the game too. We've seen that there are at least five, including the Drift Devils, Speed Hunters, Drift United and, Speedline Syndicate.

Each Club has a unique racing style that you need to utilise to impress the Club's leader.

CarX Street
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Credit: CarX Technologies

CarX Street will also allow you to purchase real estate, something that adds a whole new element to making your character feel more real.

We've also seen screenshots from both the day and nighttime, so we're expecting to see a day-night cycle in CarX Street. There are a lot of cars to choose from too, and a lot has been revealed.

Finally, customisation and tuning are set to go to new lengths and depths in CarX Street.

Car list

There are 18 cars that have been confirmed for CarX Street so far. CarX Tech has revealed these via images on their Steam blog, but we've compiled these into a full list for you right here.

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CarX Street
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Credit: CarX Technologies

There are muscle cars, pick-up trucks, sportscars and there will be a lot more on the way!

To add more to the game as well, a full customisation system has been implemented in CarX Street. Everything can be personalised, from the car's engine and turbo to its colour scheme.

Sunset City Map

Most will agree that CarX Drift Racing Online is a game that's small on scale, but extremely effective. With the success of Car Drift and its sequel, CarX Technologies have more to play with for CarX Street.

It certainly shows already too, as Street will be the first game from CarX Tech to feature an open-world sandbox to explore.

CarX Street
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Credit: CarX Technologies

As for where CarX Street is going to be based, CarX Tech haven't confirmed anything yet. However, judging by screenshots Street will be based in a large city and its name is Sunset City.

More specifically, this a city in East Asia, judging by the style of letters on the road. Could this be a nod to Tokyo Drift?

When it comes to open-world street racing games, one series immediately comes to mind; Need for Speed. With a release date for the next NFS title yet to be confirmed, Street could fill the void that NFS is yet to fill.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the Sunset City map is huge, either. Sunset City looks big and we've done a deep dive into what we can expect to find.

Gameplay Trailer

We had to wait so long until a trailer was released, but we finally got one back in April 2022.

In addition to the Teaser Trailer, the CarX Street Gameplay video gave us a sneak peak at what this title will look like when it launches on PC:

Release date

Originally slated for a November 2021 release, CarX Street has been delayed multiple times. There is no defined release date for CarX Street on PC, nor console, but the game has been live on mobile devices since 2022.

Early access for PC will be available later this year, but the game's full release date is still unconfirmed outside of it being sometime in 2024. The same is true for the console versions as well.

Are you hyped for the PC and console versions of CarX Street? Let us know in the comments below!

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