CarX Street Real Estate: New racing game includes property purchasing mechanic

CarX Street Real Estate

CarX Street Real Estate

CarX Street is all set to be released later this year and its real estate feature could revolutionise arcade racing games. If you liked CarX Drift Racing Online, you'll definitely be interested in CarX Street.

CarX Technologies are working on a new open-world racing game coming later this year. Street has been in development for over a two years now, and CarX Tech have kept us up to date with their progress thanks to their Steam blog.

One of the more surprising features that has been revealed has been the ability to purchase real estate. This could be huge and lead to more role-playing game elements being added to CarX Street.

What do we know about Street's property features? We've got everything you need to know right here!

CarX Street Real Estate

Sunset City is a huge area to explore, so it's only natural that a lot of options are available when it comes to the property you can buy. CarX Tech described the feature in a blog post from back in June:

"As you move through the world of CarX Street you’ll be seeing different kinds of real estate available for purchase, from simple apartments to big country houses."

"Having your own place will get you a parking lot which you’ll be able to go back to from anywhere in the world, and you should always be smart about your purchase in case you plan to increase the number of parking lots."

CarX Street Real Estate
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It sounds like from that, that you'd only be able to buy cars if you have somewhere to store them, such as parking spaces. This is realistic, and further confirms CarX Tech's commitment to making a truly realistic street racing game.

Have we seen this before?

In short, no. There is no out-and-out racing game that has this feature in that we're aware of. The closest we can think of to this are the options available in Grand Theft Auto V. While there are racing and driving elements in GTA V, to say that it's solely a racing game would be doing it a massive disservice.

Will more property and features be added?

CarX Street launches in 2023, so there's still time for new features to be developed and optimised. We could see a fully customisable avatar, not only physical appearance, but also with the clothes they'd wear etc.

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