CarX Street PS5: Will the upcoming racing game be coming to PlayStation?

CarX Street PS5

CarX Street PS5

CarX Street is on the way, but will to be released on PS5? We're so hyped for Street, especially because of how good CarX Technology's previous CarX Drift games are.

CarX Tech has been keeping us up to date with the progress of Street via their Steam page. Something that hasn't been revealed yet though is whether CarX Street will be coming to PS5.

So, let's go over what we've heard so far and what we can expect in 2023.

CarX Street on PS5

We haven't heard anything official from CarX Technologies regarding CarX Street coming to the PlayStation 5. We know that Street will be coming to PC, but beyond that, nothing else has been mentioned. That doesn't necessarily mean there won't be a PS5 release, however.

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NEXT-GEN LOOKS: Street would find a good home on the PS5

After all, CarX Drift Racing Online did get a berth on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, this was three years after Drift was released on PC. Since then, CarX Tech has grown hugely as a company since then, so a later release may only be a year after the PC launch, rather than three.

Whether a modding community would be implemented on PlayStation also isn't clear, but it is possible on this system nowadays.

Next-gen features

If CarX Street was launched on PS5, it would make full use of the system's capabilities. For a start, Street would run in crystal clear 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second refresh rate.

The DualSense's haptic feedback would also get a good workout, as we'll get a large variety of surfaces to race on.

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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL: CarX's environments would look stunning on PS5

Whether Street would utilise the console and Pulse 3D headset's 3D audio isn't clear, but the game would sound great regardless.

Could CarX Street come to PS4 as well?

Despite the PS5 turning two years old this year, even the largest games are still being released on the PlayStation 4. It's probable that this will still be the case come December when CarX Street launches.

Even if that isn't the case, the PS4 will still be receiving Indie releases for a long time yet. This is because developers know the hardware and it's also cheaper to make a PS4 game than one for PS5. So, with that in mind, CarX will likely release for both the PS4 and 5 if the game comes out on the latter system.

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THE GOOD OLD DAYS: Will CarX give PS4 gamers a chance to enjoy CarX again?

Again, we haven't heard anything from CarX Tech to deny this, but nor have we heard anything to prove it either.

CarX Street release date

CarX Street is due to launch on PC in 2023. This is a worldwide release date, so it'll be the same wherever you are. Like we said, if CarX Street doesn't come to PS5 nor Xbox at this time, it could be a year or a few years until it becomes available on this system.

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