CarX Street Gameplay: What new mechanics will Street bring? Drifting, NOS, Map, customisation, & more

CarX Street Gameplay

CarX Street Gameplay

CarX Street is all set to be released later this year and its gameplay could make it stand out against the crowd. After numerous delays, we're set to experience CarX Technologies' latest game soon.

CarX Tech have kept us up to date with the development of Street and we like what we see so far. Which gameplay mechanics have been confirmed though? And what could we expect to see confirmed in the near future? We've got everything you need to know right here!

CarX Street Gameplay

It's no exaggeration to say that CarX Street will be one of the most comprehensive racing games ever made once it launches. While racing sims like Gran Turismo 7 are incredibly realistic, they focus solely on the car.

CarX Street, on the other hand, will focus on areas outside of the life behind the wheel.

To start with, the CarX Street map is huge and incorporates a number of hugely different environments to explore. Speaking of the map, you'll also be able to own small amounts of it as the game has a real-estate feature too.

You'll also be able to explore the world in the day and night, as CarX Street appears to have a day-night cycle.

CarX Street Customisation tn
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PERSONALISATION: Customisation will be a big mechanic in-game again

Let's not forget about the customisation options when it comes to your car either, as this has come on leaps and bounds since CarX Drift as well. Head over to the Tuning Shop to explore your many options.

Your car parts will also degrade over time, something we rarely see in racing games these days. Unsurprisingly, we've already seen glimpses of drifting in CarX Street, as well as the nitrous boost system, which we can't wait to make use of.

Recent gameplay videos on iOS have confirmed that there is a story mode. This is something we predited as the Clubs system allows you to join certain groups of racers in the game.

You will have a lot of cars to choose from as well, and you can find the full list of confirmed cars right here. The AI is also much-improved from previous games, appearing much more intelligent than previous iterations.

Exploring this huge map could've ended up with you getting lost, but Street has an excellent racing line navigation system to help you get to your waypoint.

Lastly, just like the real world, you'll need to fill up your car otherwise you'll run out of fuel.

Potential features and wishlist

Ever since CarX Street was first confirmed, speculation has been rife as to whether it will include police in-game. After all, you're a street racer, you will be attracting unwanted attention from the law just like the classic NFS games. CarX Tech recognised this when they answered a question posed by the community, saying:

"At the moment, we cannot give an answer to this question. But we want to assure you that we also want to implement police chases."

So, CarX Tech definitely want to include the cops, but we haven't heard anything on this subject since the Q&A in December 2020.

need for speed heat cops
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BREAKING THE LAW: Police could become a major mechanic in Street like we've seen in the NFS games

There is far more than just the cops that could make an appearance, though, and we've even made a wish-list for the game's launch. Most of these have been confirmed, but one we haven't seen confirmed is fast travel.

With a world this big, you'd think you'd be able to fast travel to safe houses, but the world is also there to be enjoyed.

Finally, in theory, anything can be added to the game post-release thanks to the series' fantastic modding community.

CarX Street Release Date

CarX Street will launch worldwide on PC in 2023. Players on iOS can already experience the game for free on mobile right now though. Android users will need to wait a little longer for the game to release.

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