CarX Steet Trailer: New Teaser Trailer revealed!

CarX Street Trailer

CarX Street Trailer

CarX Street's trailers have us seriously hyped for its release date. The game has been in the works for years, but the mobile version is already available for those on iOS and Android.

CarX Street is all set for its PC early access later this year. The upcoming arcade racer created by CarX Technologies looks incredible and this has been shown off in its multiple trailers revealed so far.

After the roaring success that was CarX Drift Racing Online, we're so excited for Street's release. We've got everything you need to know about Street's trailers right here!

CarX Street PC Teaser Trailer

CarX Tech promised more news regarding the PC version of CarX Street early in 2024 and they've delivered upon that. Alongside a new teaser trailer for the PC version of the game, more details regarding its release have been shared too.

The early access on Steam will be available before the year is out. There's no date for its full PC release yet, but it will be worth the wait going off the new PC Teaser Trailer:

This really sets up the battle for Sunset City's streets with the racers and cops destined to lock horns!

CarX Street Gameplay trailer

We can't forget about the CarX Street gameplay trailer either! This time, it's focusing on the gameplay we can expect to experience next year. Let's dive into some analysis!

We start by jumping into the action, as a souped-up hatchback is burning nitrous and rubber around sunset city at night. We then get a quick glance at the map, which looks very easy to navigate and fast travel around.

We dive into a garage and get a showcase of just some of the wheel rim designs on offer. There's going to be a lot of choice here when it comes to customisation.

There's then a montage of drifting and racing, all of which looks exciting and silky smooth. The map looks full and just like a real-life city, the level of detail CarX Tech have gone into here is extremely impressive.

First trailer

CarX Tech gave us this First Look trailer towards the end of 2021. At 37 seconds long, it's easy to dismiss this trailer as not showing us a lot. However, there's a lot we can go off here, but have a look for yourself first:

We begin with some slowing panning shots of a hatchback car. The first thing you'll notice is that the video starts in the day, before going to night. This confirms that there's some kind of day/night cycle in the CarX Street map of Sunset City.

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There are then some slow-motion shots of modified cars, showing off the game's customisation mechanic. The fact that these cars are drifting also lends to the theory that drifting will be an event type in CarX Street. One of the last shots we see is that of the hatchback in a petrol station, you will have to refuel in this game.

When will the next trailer drop and what will be in it?

We already know a lot about CarX Street thanks to CarX Technology's numerous and regular posts on Steam and Twitter.

We're sure there's plenty more to be revealed, and we made a wish-list of what we want to see in CarX Street that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Confirmed features such as Clubs weren't shown in any of the trailers. Clubs could open the door for a fully-fledged story mode within CarX Street, but this is a hope rather than an expectation.

CarX Street Customisation tn
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THE CHOP SHOP: We could see more of the game's customisation features in the next trailer

Other features such as CarX Street's real estate mechanic only made a fleeting appearance at the end of the most recent trailer.

Overall, we expect there to be a lot more concrete information in the next trailer, but when could this be launched? It could be anytime between now and when CarX Street launches.

Release Date

CarX Street is set to release in 2024. This will be a worldwide release on PC, via the Steam Store. CarX Street is available now on iOS and Android devices and could make the leap to PS5 and Xbox sometime in 2025.

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