CarX Street Customisation: Tuning system confirmed, engine, turbo, transmission & more

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CarX Street is shaping up to be one of the best indie games of 2022. CarX Technologies have put an incredible amount of effort into this game already. We can't wait to play it next year, not least because of the new car customisation system.


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CarX Tech are creating a game that is very realistic and that's shown with CarX Street's customisation mechanics. Here's everything we know so far!

New system

CarX Street Customisation
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The above screenshot was shared in October last year and gives us a great insight into the new customisation system. There's a lot of data here, but it's all relevant, CarX Tech do a great job of laying this out. The engine itself has torque statistics, alongside the rev limiter, mass and whether it has a turbo.

The power and torque curves are shown in the bottom right, and the engine options are also at the bottom of the screen. On the right-hand side, we have the stats of the car and how the new engine will affect its overall stats.

It's a similar story for the turbo too...

CarX Street Customisation 2
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Access all areas

Over the following months, more areas of the car have been revealed to be available to customise. These include the gearbox and transmission, but will also probably extend to body kits and other aero parts, wheels, tyres and suspension.

There are also different classifications of parts, although which is the best and worst isn't clear. We've got Sport, Unique, Street, Race and Elite all shown in the below screenshot from September. It could be that there are several types of parts that are best, but each in a different way. For example, you could have street and race suspension, both of which are suited to different types of road surfaces.

CarX Street Customisation 3
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Something else to bear in mind is that CarX Street will likely have a damage system for its car parts. This allows for the degradation of components over time, another element that adds to the realism of this game. We say "likely" because although CarX Tech confirmed this feature in a Q&A, they later asked players if they would like this to be implemented.

So, depending on the responses to this, CarX Tech may or may not include it in CarX Street.

Something else that hasn't been confirmed is the NOS system. CarX Tech have asked the fans whether they will like it in-game, and if so, which type of Nitrous system, but will have to wait and see with this one.