Destruction AllStars Download: File Size, Release Time & more!

Destruction AllStars is part of this month's PS Plus offering, ensuring the game has a BIG release.

With the game's release date set in stone, our minds are turning to when we can get the game on to download.

Well, let's go over that now, as well as what size the game will be for those waiting to download it!

Destruction AllStars release time

The title will launch with the latest PS Plus titles, which is good news, as the title is out now... With a slight catch, however.

Destruction AllStars is not yet showing on the PS Plus page, but if you search for it in PSN you can start downloading and play right away!

Furthermore, the fact that the game is a PS5 exclusive means that you'll have to be lucky and nab yourself a PS5 first! For some extra luck, drop a follow to @GfinityDealsUK and @GfinityDeals on Twitter.

Destruction AllStars file size

The game will be a big one for PS Plus, at 27GB for the full game to be playable. To initially be playable the game needs just 17.5GB downloaded.

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ALL-OUT ACTION: The game promises to be absolute carnage!

As such, make sure you're up early to get the game downloaded as soon as you can.

However, with fibre internet stretching far and wide now, we're sure most should get that 27GB game installed very quickly!

What is Destruction AllStars?

Destruction Allstars is potentially the new Fall Guys... Well, at least in terms of popularity.

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STAGES: There are a number of maps for players to play on also!

The game is a multiplayer arena based destruction derby, but add in different abilities for characters and other awesome power-ups!

The game features a raft of different game modes which help add to the variety in the game play. Add in the fact that it's free for two months on PS Plus, and the title is on to a winner.

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