Destruction AllStars: Characters, guides, challenges, PS5, controls & more

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The PS5 look set to usher in an awesome new wave of games for us petrolheads.

From Gran Turismo 7 to the likes of this, Destruction AllStars, there is something for everyone.

Let's take a look at Destruction AllStars, which is out now, and what it's all about!

Latest news - Hotfix 1.2.2 arrives

A new Destruction AllStars update has arrived.

Lucid Games has dropped a small hotfix to turn voice chat from "always on" to off by default. This should help everyone!

Daily and Weekly challenges!

A new tweet from Lucid Games confirms that new daily and weekly challenges are on their way!

With all manner of potential challenges inbound, we're excited for this new wave of ways to play the game as we go for Platinum. These new challenges will be in the game from 5PM GMT/11AM CST!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our review of Destruction AllStars.

What is Destruction AllStars?

The game pits you, in a car of your choice, against a field of other cars with one goal in mind. Be the last car standing.

Destruction Allstars
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PURE CARNAGE: The game will make you hungry for destruction!

That's right, think World of Tanks but without the Tanks...

Each vehicle is also home to a special hero style ability which you charge up throughout the game. When you get your hands on the game, look out for these, as we've heard they're pretty spectacular!


Destruction AllStars features 16 unique characters that all playable right away.

Each one has their own style, strengths, and weaknesses, but more importantly they all have their own unique Hero cars and abilities called Breakers.

Destruction AllStars characters Lupita
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Mastering these abilities is one of the keys to winning in Destruction AllStars.


The game look set to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5's impressive hardware. This can be seen in the below gameplay trailer!

The gameplay shows that players can continue on-foot, in the hopes of retrieving their vehicle again.

The game seems fast-paced and octane-fuelled, right up a petrolheads street then.

Thanks to it being free on PS Plus, it also looks set to be the next HUGE PlayStation game, in a similar style to Fall Guys.

Game modes

There is plenty to do in Destruction AllStars, as there are several game modes to enjoy.


From a classic deathmatch mode called Mayhem to Carnado that sees you having to sacrifice your car to score.


The game will be a PS5 exclusive. That means it will run in 4K, as well as utilising a number of other exciting PS5 features.

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IMPRESSIVE HARDWARE: You will be able to use all of the PS5's awesome features!

This includes use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as well as Tempest 3D AudioTech.

No matter what, the title seems set to be a true must-have for the PlayStation 5!

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