Destruction AllStars Character Guide: Hero cars, breakers, abilities & more

Destruction AllStars has finally landed, and the PS5 exclusive is certainly turning heads.

We've been playing non-stop this week, and you can read our Destruction AllStars review here.

The game revolves around smashing opponents and wrecking their cars or KO'ing their character, but with 16 different AllStars to choose from, all with their own abilities, there is a lot of strategy involved.

If you aren't sure what each character can do then we are here to help!

Destruction AllStars charcater abilities guide

Each character has several unique aspects. Their movement speed differs, and their unique Hero car is also very different.

They also have two unique abilities called Breakers. One is activated while on foot, the other when in their Hero car. These are really the key things to understand when it comes to playing Destruction AllStars, as utilising your breaker at the right points can win you a match.

Angelo Avello

A rather arogant sort, Angelo's car is called Number One... yea.

The Breaker in his car is a tracking device which locks onto a rival and lets you chase them down with more speed and then deal more damage.

Destruction AllStars characters Angello
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On foot, Angelo's Breaker is effectively a flash-bang like in a shooter. His jacket lets off flashbulbs that blind opponents nearby and allows him to escape.


One of our favourites just for the character design!

Destruction AllStars characters Bluefang
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Bluefang's car, Shredder, will activate the enormous saw blades at the front when you activate the Breaker. It creates huge amounts of damage, but be warned that Bluefang's car is far from the fastest.

On foot Bluefang's Breaker is similar. He windmills his arms around, knocking over anyone he touches.


This weird and whacky character is sure to be a go-to for many players.

Destruction AllStars characters BoxTop
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The Boxmobile's Breaker sees a BoxTop drone get attached to any vehicle that you slam, this then sets off damaging fireworks.

Boxtop’s on-foot Breaker deploys parcels that give teammates an extra hand while knocking down any opponents who stumble into them.


Calling your car Cerberus is enough to get us interested!

Destruction AllStars characters Fuego
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Fuego's car Breaker sees Cerberus activate several flamethrowers, leading to extra damage for anyone foolish enough to get close.

Likewise, when on foot Fuego is leaving fire in his wake. With the Breaker active his barges will leave a pool of fire behind!


The fastest character in Destruction AllStars, Genesis is one for the speed freaks out there.

Destruction AllStars characters Genesis
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Her car Breaker sees Callisto deal huge damage when making contact at top speed. It's worth noting that hitting a wall at that speed is extremely bad news for you!

Likewise on foot her Breaker is a speed boost that sees her far outpace the opposition.


Hana is a fearsome competitor with one of the most powerful offensive Breakers out there.

Destruction AllStars characters Hana
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Her car Sabre will use an indestructible blade to slice an opponent's car in two after a head-on ram with the Breaker active.

On foot her Breaker results in a one-hit KO barge, a real difference-maker in any game mode.


Harmony is, unsurprisingly, all about music and blasting sounds.

Destruction AllStars characters Harmony
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Her car, CRASHnado, will emit a supersonic shockwave that will insta-wreck an opponent if they get thrown into a wall by it.

On foot her Breaker will give barging a bigger attack radius thanks to a supersonic blast.


Jian may look like your typical young upstart, but he's got a prickly side to him.

Destruction AllStars characters Jian
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His aptly named car, Morningstar, will activate a covering of spikes when you trigger the Breaker, dealing more damage on slams and reflecting some to any attacker.

On foot, Jian's Breaker will drop proximity mines that damage cars and knock over other on-foot opponents.


Don't let the wolf hat fool you, Lupita is one fearsome AllStar.

Destruction AllStars characters Lupita
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Her car, Wildfire, will leave a trail of fire as a Breaker, which can quickly rack up the points.

On foot Lupita's Breaker has the same effect, with the same devastating damage.


Muna is one that needs some real practice to get right as she is a defensive AllStar.

Destruction AllStars characters Muna
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Her car, Gravitron, will magnetically pick up metal from the floor, adding extra armour when the Breaker is active.

When running around on foot Muna's Breaker activates nearby traps to create obstacles for other vehicles. Muna will gain bonus points whenever an opponent hits an obstruction she created.


Ratu is a peculiar one, looking like a boxer with a love of large-eared headwear. Her Breakers are no laughing matter though.

Destruction AllStars characters RAtu
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Her car, Barong, will build up a charge by damaging enemies, and once full it deploys a heavy-damage radial blast.

On foot, her Breaker is a concussive blast that damages cars and knocks over opponents.

Sgt. Rescue

Another defensive AllStar, Sgt. Rescue is a mountain man with a love of smashing into cars!

Destruction AllStars characters Sgt Rescue
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His car, Smoke Commander, has a Breaker that deploys a thick smoke cloud to hamper everyone's vision.

On foot his Breaker is the same.


Is Shyft a robot, or just someone with a cool mask? Who knows but he's a sneaky AllStar that's for sure.

Destruction AllStars characters Shyft
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His car, Cypher, has an invisibility Breaker that also takes it off the radar for other players. While not 100% invisible, it is very tricky to pick out Cypher in the chaos of a match.

Likewise, when on foot Shyft can turn basically invisible, letting you sneak up on others and activate a Takeover.


Anime. Robot. Cat. Girl. That combination shouldn't be as awesome as Tw!nkleR1ot makes it.

Destruction AllStars characters Twinkle r1ot
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Mr. Sparkles, Tw!nkleR1ot's car, has a unique Breaker that deals more damage every time it gets hit. It's a perfect counter-punch play.

On foot her Breaker is one continuous barge, allowing you to knock over opponents with no cool-down time.

Ultimo Barricado

The purist Destruction AllStar of them all, Ultimo Barricado is a favourite here at RacingGames.GG.

Destruction AllStars characters Ultimo
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His car, oddly named The Undisputed, is a small tank with a Breaker that activates a front-facing shield to improve both defense from damage and the amount of punishment you can deal out.

On foot Ultimo's Breaker makes him completely invulnerable to both cards and opponents barges.


Finally there is Xander, a tech-loving AllStar.

Destruction AllStars characters Xander 1
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His car, Xero, has a breaker that marks a single opponent out to receiver extra damage, however they are warned about this.

On foot he has TWO abilities. He can see through walls and drop traps while running that will knock over opponents.

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