Destruction Allstars: 5 tips to dominate the competition in any game mode!

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Destruction Allstars is now out, and those with the game on PS5 are absolutely loving it.

With 16 different characters to learn and a number of game modes, it can also seem a little daunting.

Here are 5 tips that we've found to help you dominate your competition!

Number 1 - Play on-foot

One thing that we realised early on is to not undervalue your time on-foot.

DA Splitscreen TN 2
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GET RUNNING: Much of the game is played on-foot!

You can, and should use this time to collect shards, in order to fasten the process of your Breaker meters!


However, if you've had enough on foot and can't see an available, try a Takeover. This will instigate a small mini-game which should allow yout to either take control of an opponent's vehicle or destroy it.

Number 2 - Master your vehicles

Destruction Allstars is not an accurate racing sim, so the cars are split into just three separate types.

DA Content TN 2
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TIME TO LEARN: There are 3 basic 'types' of vehicles!

One can turn on a dime, one is incredibly fast, and one is super strong.

Learning to play with all three vehicles at first will help you decide which one you'd like to grab in future, and help make you a more versatile player.

Number 3 - Eject

One thing which you absolutely should be doing (especially if you car is low on health) is to eject rather than leave you car.

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INTO THE SKY: Make sure to eject if you're in a tricky situation!

Primarily, this helps you get further from the car, and further from the fireball of your car.

It will also helps you reach hard to get to areas such as certain platforms!

Number 4 - Slam Attacks

Slam attacks do pretty much what they say on the tin, and are initiated by using the right analog stick.

DA Guide 1 1
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THROW YOUR WEIGHT AROUND: Slam attacks have many uses in-game!

However, they can be useful for more than just attacks. Firstly, they provide a good burst of speed, so can be used to help you get back in the action sooner.

Likewise, you can use it as a quick getaway move, dodging forwards, or to the left/right. The side slam attack is also a good way of getting some easy damage on to an opponent when beside them.

Number 5 - Those Circles...


It's easy to overlook this, but those circles you see on the ground actually serve a purpose.

DA Guide 2
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SURPRISE: Those circles on the ground can be a lifesaver if on-foot!

Nothing happens when you drive over them in a vehicle, but if you run over them on foot, they rise up.

This is to protect you from other car's chasing you whilst on-foot, and you may catch a few reckless drivers off-guard!

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