Destruction AllStars Review: A game to put a smile on your face

Everyone loves a free game, and this month PS Plus is offering the brand new title Destruction AllStars.

Created by Lucid Games and developers with a history in titles like WipEout and Destruction Derby, the new game has promised chaos on a whole new level.

Does it deliver?

Latest News - Lucid Games working on voice chat fix

Some players have been giving developers Lucid Games feedback about voice chat.

In Destruction AllStars voice chat is automatically enabled, and at the moment there is no option to permenantly disable it.

You can manually mute both yourself and the lobby, but muting the lobby needs to be redone for each one you join. We expect them to have a hotfix for this shortly.

A smashing good time

Destruction AllStars gameplay is pretty simple to grasp, but very tricky to master.

As a result, there is no barrier to entry for new players (which is all of us) but a skill gap can quickly appear.

Destruction AllStars gameplay
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HERO VEHICLE: Getting your characters unique car will help deliver the knockout blow

The initial tutorial teaches you all the basics that you need to drive, survive, and thrive within the Destruction AllStars universe. Then you are free to dive into arcade mode against the AI or straight into multiplayer, where true chaos awaits.

Plenty of character

With a space-age Colosseum feel and lots of bright textures and lights, every arena is an exciting and inviting stage.

But before you dive in you have to select your character. With 16 to choose from and each one having their own style, abilities, and size/speed compromises it will take a lot of testing to find the one that is right for you.

Destruction AllStars Harmony
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SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: No two character look or play the same in Destruction AllStars

Our early favourites are Ultimo Barricado and Bluefang. Each one comes with their own special car that deals more damage, and each one can run around on foot and steal other vehicles.

Once you've picked your poison, the gameplay is electric. With a few different modes that mostly boil down to "smash the other players before they smash you", you'd think gameplay could get repetitive, but it doesn't.

With 16 players in the arena and the multitude of play styles the game allows for, no two games are the same.

There are team games which are perfect for partying up with friends and solo options too so you never have to wait around or team up with strangers.

Gridfall, Destruction AllStars' take on battle royale, is perhaps the best mode. With tiles falling away you have to really keep an eye on your surroundings and time your moves to perfection otherwise you can easily go sailing off the map and lose.

Any downsides?

Destruction AllStars is built for online multiplayer mayhem, and as a result there isn't much of a single-player focus.

While there are Challenges you can do solo against AI they aren't much of a challenge, and all but the first are behind a paywall of in-game points.

Destruction AllStars challenges
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PAY UP: Not everything is free in Destruction AllStars

Some cosmetics are available to buy with earnable currency, but not all. It's to be expected these days, especially in a game launching for free, and you don't have to interact with it if you don't want to. It's just a disappointment that some content like the Challenges are behind a points wall.


Destruction AllStars is chaotic, loud, and a lot of fun.

The perfect party game with friends, provided everyone has a PS5 of course, and ideal for all ages.

With developer support promised for at least a year, and almost certainly beyond, it looks set to take over Twitch and be a game you keep coming back to over and over again.

We can certainly live with limited single-player options when the multiplayer is so slick and easy to fall in love with.

RacingGames Rating: 9/10

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