Destruction AllStars Voice Chat: Hotfix now out, how to mute chat, hotfix, update, patch & more

Destruction AllStars has landed on PS Plus this month and is a smash hit.

You can read our full Destruction AllStars review here.

As much as we love the chaos of the gameplay and the amazing visuals, gamers have been having problems with the voice chat element of the title.

Latest news - Lucid Games releases hotfix

A Destruction AllStars update has landed to help with some of this problem.

The fix takes the voice chat from "always on" to off by default.

Auto voice chat issues

While voice chat in a multiplayer game is to be expected, in Destruction AllStars the mic and speaker for your DualSense are on automatically as soon as you find a lobby.

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While you can mute yourself with the quick press of the DualSense's mic button, it's not so easy and plenty of players don't or won't do this. That leaves you with a cacophony of other people's living rooms in your ears.

Unlike games such as Call of Duty, where you can permanently turn voice chat off in the settings, Destruction AllStars always leaves it on.

How to mute voice chat in Destruction AllStars

You can mute a lobby manually, but you have to do it for every single game you play within Destruction AllStars.

By tapping the PS button on your controller and hitting square on the party chat.

You can also create a private party chat with just yourself. This will supercede the in-game chat and you won't have to listen to anyone else complaining when you wreck them!

Developers working on fix

Lucid Games are working hard on a solution, and we expect a hotfix to land pretty quickly.

Feedback on this issue was so high that they tweeted a response.

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There is also a Destruction AllStars subreddit where you can post any feedback, or your awesome wrecks and wins!

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