Destruction Allstars is 2021's Fall Guys for the PS5!

The PS5 title Destruction Allstars is scheduled for release in February of this year.

Following its initial delay, the game will also release free for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription. Ring any bells yet?

So, let's take a look at why we think Destruction Allstars may be the next Fall Guys gaming sensation... But for petrolheads!

Free on PS Plus

Much like with Fall Guys, the game's launch is now boosted by it being free for PS Plus owners.

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CARNAGE: The game promises to be all-out action in every game!

As you need this subscription for online play in many games, most players already have this. Even better, the game will be on the service for 2 months.

So, we already have one similarity. With the game being launched as free, Destruction Allstars will likely have an incredibly well-populated multiplayer at launch.

Multiplayer mayhem

The focus of arcade-style games such as Fall Guys and Destruction Allstars is to enjoy them with you friends.

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BE THE LAST STANDING: You can play with up to 15 others in a game!

As such, both games have a huge focus on their multiplayer aspect. As aforementioned, this should help the game's popularity massively.

With such a multiplayer focus, the similarities between the two games become more obvious. If Destruction Allstars finds traction within the PlayStation community, it would come as no surprise if the game sky rockets!

Fun for all

One of the major things that makes Fall Guys so fun is its accessibility. It really is just a fun game that anyone can play!

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ANYONE CAN PLAY: Fall Guys is a game played by millions!

We envisage the same for Destruction Allstars. With such high-octane, fun-for-all action at its centre, we can't wait to share the game with anyone and everyone.

This also helps make the game far more playable, as the pool of players online at any one time will be huge!

Colour, colour everywhere!

Another primary focus of both games is colour. Both are incredibly bright and vibrant, with a plethora of different characters or skins which are equally as colourful.

This adds another similarity between the two titles, and cements their arcade-style gameplay.

So, we have four similarities between the two titles now, and the major one being that it's FREE! Either way, we can't wait to get our hands on the title for free... Although, we will need a PS5 first...

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