Destruction AllStars Release Date: Price, PS Plus, Gameplay & more!

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Destruction Allstars will soon be with us on PlayStation 5, and we can't wait for it!

The chaotic title promises to be a true PS5 must-have, and with such an impressive feature list, it's easy to see why.

However, with Destruction Allstars now out, how can jump into the game and play it ourselves? Let's take a look now!

Latest news - Destruction AllStars review

The game has finally arrived for PS5 owners.

We've dived into the world of Destruction AllStars and our review is now live!

Release date

As we know already, the game was originally scheduled for release in early November with the PS5 launch.

Destruction Allstars Gameplay
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PURE DESTRUCTION: The name of the game doesn't lie!

Thankfully the game is out now, although at the moment, there is a small workaround to play it straight away!

Whilst the game isn't available from the PS Plus page just yet, you can still find the game through PSN and download it that way. So, get playing ASAP!

PS Plus

You read that last paragraph right, you could be getting the game for free also. This February release will see the game coming to PS Plus.

Destruction Allstars TN 2
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PS PLUS: The game will be coming to PS Plus in February!

For those with a PS Plus subscription, which is needed to play online anyway, you'll be able to download the game for free.

The game will be on PS Plus for two months, so you have plenty of time to get it downloaded and enjoy it!

We're glad the game is coming to PS Plus following the delay to its release, and it's a perfect way to apologise to us, the player base, for the regrettable delay!


For those who haven't heard, the game is a futuristic demolition derby taken to the next level.

destruction allstars characters 1
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SELECTION: You can play as 16 different characters!

With 16 playable characters, a number of vehicles for you to crash and destroy in, and even special hero abilities, it has an array of game modes with something for everyone.

However, the game doesn't only have something for everyone in its gameplay. The game also makes the most out of the PS5's hardware.

This means a 4K resolution, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and even 3D audio. This won't be one you want to miss!

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