Destruction Allstars PS4: Could new game land on Sony's other console?

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Destruction Allstars is now out, and is taking the PlayStation gaming world by storm!

With all-out carnage for multiplayer, and a plethora of characters, it's easy to see why.


However, will the game be coming to PS4? Lots of people have been asking this, so let's take a look!

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Destruction Allstars on PS4

Currently, the game is a PS5 exclusive, having released on PS Plus yesterday for those with the next-gen console.

DA Splitscreen TN 1
A DOWNGRADE: A PS4 version is unlikely but not impossible!

However, why isn't the game on PS4? Well, first of all, the game was designed from the ground to be a PS5 exclusive.

As of right now, there are no specific plans to add the game to PS4. The game would simply run too poorly on the last-gen hardware, and the game would be a shadow of itself on PS5.

Could a new version be released?

One of the biggest potential changes for the future is the lack of consoles, and difficulty in purchasing one.

DA Op TN 1 1
VISUALS: The arenas on Destruction Allstars are awesome!

This may persuade the developers to simply work on a slightly downgraded port of the game for last-gen.

If many individuals still can't get their hands on a console full stop, then there is hope for those of us still on last-gen to get a copy of the game.


However, as aforementioned, expect a very different if it happens. Any number of lower framerate, a lower resolution or a smaller arena could be possible.

Destruction Allstars

The game itself is built as a PS5 exclusive, and is a phenomenal mix of demolition derby and all-out arena based action.

Destruction Allstars Image 2 2
CARNAGE: All-out carnage is Destruction Allstars' only objective!

There are 16 characters, each with different abilities, and a variety of different game modes.

As such, don't get your hopes up too much for a PS4 port of the game, as it's been built as a PS5 game. It's very unusual for titles to be built for the latest gen and then ported backwards...

However, unusual doesn't mean impossible!