DiRT Rally 2.0 Update: 1.17 patch notes, bug fixes & more!

DiRT Rally 2.0 is a phenomenal sim for those who are fans of going extremely fast through tight forest roads and on the sides of mountains.

Very much a simulator, it is the older brother to DIRT 5, and definitely focuses on incredible immersion.

Another update went live for the sim today, so let's check that out now!

DiRT Rally 2.0 update

Today's update in the game makes some changes with which players should be very happy.

Rally 2.0 2
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CINEMATIC ACTION: Rally 2.0 still looks incredible!

Firstly, the track limits of Holjes, Sweden have been adjusted to prevent players from completing significant corner-cutting.

Finally, there are some miscellaneous changes. The first of these adjusts the performance of dynamic trackside signage, and the second carries out some minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

The final update

Interestingly, along with the final content update in September of last year, this appears to be the final update.

Rally 2.0 1
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SIM-FEEL: Rally 2.0 is definitely aimed at the hardcore simracer in each of us!

Text at the bottom of the forum post reads "This is currently the final scheduled update for DiRT Rally 2.0.".

Whilst this may change in future, this could be a good thing for DiRT Rally 3.0 hopefuls. Codies deciding to stop supporting DiRT Rally 2.0 could mean that the next sim is already well underway!

DIRT 5 2021 update

DIRT 5 is another Codemasters rallying title that aims to be more accessible to players.

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UPDATE TIME: A huge update is on the way for DIRT 5!

After its release at the end of 2020, fans of the game have started thinking about new content and planned updates for this year.

Thankfully, Codemasters have us covered once again, with reems of new content planned for release throughout the coming year.

So, with a potential DiRT Rally 3.0 on the way and huge updates for DIRT 5, what more could we want?

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