Disney Speedstorm Classes: In-depth look at racer classes confirmed

Disney Speedstorm classes

Disney Speedstorm classes

Disney Speedstorm is almost here and we've gotten an in-depth look at the classes system. This is thanks to the first developer notes published on the game's website.

So, what have we learned about the classes? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Disney Speedstorm Classes

There are four classes within Disney Speedstorm. These are Speedster, Trickster, Brawler and Defender. Each one has different abilities that come in handy when competing in races in Speedstorm.

Disney Speedstorm classes
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Each character has their own class, meaning that if you choose Donald Duck, he will always be a Brawler. Game Designer Hunor Vizi had the following to say about the Speedstorm class system:

“We introduced the Class system because we wanted to create variety among our racers, make them feel unique. The playstyle of each class is different, but their learning curves are similar.”


Each racer class has the unique bonuses that are gained either passively or by carrying out specific actions. There are Stats, Dash and Manual Boost bonuses. What each of these bonuses do depends on the class of the character.

This is broken down in the table below:

Disney Speedstorm classes
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Stats - There are general stats bonuses that each racer class has an advantage in such as top speed, boost, handling, acceleration, or combat.

Dash - Dash bonuses are granted by successfully hitting a rival racer with a dash. This effect is different depending on the racer class and will either benefit the player who lands the dash or hinder the player hit by the dash.

Manual Boost - Racers can fill their manual boost bar faster by performing certain actions such as hitting boost pads or racing in a rival’s slipstream. The different racer classes will need to perform a certain action to gain a manual boost bonus.


In addition to each racer’s unique skill, there are several common skills that can be used in races. Each class has a set of 2 skills that are their focus, with classes having one of the two focus skills as their class skill.

If that sounds complicated, we'll explain a little further. For the Brawler class, Hercules and Beast have Shot as their class skill, whereas Donald Duck has Fire. This is broken down in the below table:

Disney Speedstorm skills
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Each racer also has a unique selection of the other common skills that they have available. This ensures that every character is unique to race as in Speedstorm.

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