Disney Speedstorm how to drift

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The latest kart racer is here, but in Disney Speedstorm you need to know how to drift. Like the great Mario Kart franchise, drifting is often the quickest way to get round any corner in Disney Speedstorm.

Disney Speedstorm lets you go racing with your favourite Disney-Pixar characters, from Mickey Mouse to Mulan and Mike Wazowski. But if you want to beat your friends and become a champion, you need to learn how to drift!

Drifting in Disney Speedstorm

Kart racers are all about fun and freedom over strict adherence to racing lines and physics. As a result, there is usually a mechanic within the game that lets you get around a corner quickly without much or any braking.

Disney Speedstorm action
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In Disney Speedstorm this is drifting. It works much in the same way as it does in Mario Kart, where pressing and holding a button will put your character into a pretty controllable drift.

To start a drift you need to hold the left trigger on your controller as you approach a turn. Remember to hold it as you go around the corner. Coming off the trigger too early will put you into the wall!

This gets you through the turn, but if you can hold a drift for a long time you also get a speed boost too.


There is another benefit to drifting in Disney Speedstorm, which is boosting! There is a manual boost bar in this game, and drifting is the way you fill it up so that you can have a burst of acceleration.

Disney Speedstorm Monsters Inc track
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If you are able to hold a drift for longer than 1.5 seconds, your kart's wheels will begin glowing, showing that Drift Boosting is enabled. This gives you an even bigger speed boost when you end your drift and will make you faster than fast, quicker than quick.

If you really want to master the drift in Disney Speedstorm you will need to use the Trickster class of karts. These are specially designed for drifting and will give you double the amount of manual boost to use.

Disney Speedstorm characters


Disney Speedstorm is in Early Access now on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. Season 1 has started, bringing new characters to the game that were not previously confirmed.

While the usual Disney characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are playable, there is representation from many areas of the Disney world. Hercules and Meg are there, along with Belle and Beast.

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