Disney Speedstorm: How to earn Tokens

Disney Speedstorm how to spend Tokens

Disney Speedstorm how to spend Tokens

Out now in early access, Disney Speedstorm lets you race as your favourite Disney and Pixar characters from Mickey Mouse to Mulan and even obscure characters like Gus Goose. But if you want to customise your character in Disney Speedstorm, you need to know how to earn Tokens.

This is one of several in-game currencies that can be spent on items, cosmetics, and upgrades.

The multitude of currencies can seem confusing, but our guide will show you how to earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm and what you can spend them on.

How to earn Tokens in Disney Speedstorm

There are several ways to earn Tokens in Disney Speedstorm.

You can earn Tokens by completing missions in the timed Seasonal Events or winning races in the Starter Circuit tutorial mode. If you don’t fancy grinding, Tokens can also be purchased with real-world money.

Disney Speedstorm how to earn Tokens
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If you’ve bought one of the three Founder’s Packs, you’ll already have a stash of Tokens to spend on whatever you wish from the get-go. Even the Standard Founder’s Pack comes with 4,000 Tokens.

If you’re willing to pay extra for the Ultimate Founder’s Pack, you’ll have a whopping 12,000 Tokens to help you get started and go on a spending spree.

But what can you spend these Tokens on?

What can you spend Tokens on?

Once you’ve saved up enough Tokens, you can spend them on items in the shop such as racing suits for your character and kart liveries, as well as kart parts including wheels and wings.

Disney Speedstorm how to earn Tokens
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You can also use Tokens to unlock the premium tier of a current Golden Pass season, Disney Speedstorm’s equivalent of a Battle Pass. However, once you’ve unlocked a tier, Golden Pass rewards can only be obtained with Season Coins. This is a separate currency that can also be bought with Tokens.

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