Disney Speedstorm Price: How much will it cost?

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Disney Speedstorm Price

Disney Speedstorm looks very promising, but what will its price be? To be competitive, Speedstorm needs to be reasonably priced and that's thankfully the game that we

Disney Speedstorm Price

As has been a trend in recent years, Disney Speedstorm will be completely free for gamers to purchase. Free-to-play games are becoming more and more popular since the success of titles like Fortnite.

Disney Speedstorm Donald Duck

This means that there's no financial commitment to trying the full Disney Speedstorm game on launch day and beyond.

What about add-ons?

So, the question remains, how will Gameloft make their money from Disney Speedstorm? After all, with no cost for the game itself, where will the revenue be generated?

Well, developers usually do this in one of two ways. The first is to have micro-transactions where players can purchase additional items or bonuses to help their progression in the game.

Disney Speedstorm Baloo

The second (and more likely for Speedstorm) is that there will some form of season pass or expansion packs for the game that will be released. They're both means to the same end, with the season pass being the most likely.

This will cost gamers a monthly fee throughout the game's life cycle, but you'll receive more characters, tracks, cars and more on a regular basis for the near future.


Disney Speedstorm is confirmed to be released on both new and old-gen consoles. These include the PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as the Xbox One and Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Disney Speedstorm Hercules level

Speedstorm will also be available for PC Gamers to download either in the Steam Store or the Epic Games Store. Both stores have the option to wishlist the game now.

Release Date

Disney Speedstorm release date

We don't yet have a release date confirmed for Disney Speedstorm, but the developers are still stating 2022. At this point, it's likely we'll see the game come out around Christmas, but not before.


All we have to go on for the moment are the multiple trailers which have been released for the game: