Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 3 Brings Quality-of-Life Changes

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 3

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 3

Update 3 has arrived in Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, and with it come some big changes. Along with bringing bug fixes and tweaks to the game, Update 3 also brings some much-requested quality-of-life improvements to the expedition.

Let’s take a look at Update 3 for Expeditions: A MudRunner Game.

Freeroam changes

The biggest change in Update 3 comes to Freeroam. Previously, players had to complete a region’s entire list of expeditions in order to unlock Freeroam. This made exploring the map much more difficult, as players were focused on the objective rather than going for a drive around the landscape.

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 3
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Now, Freeroam can be unlocked after the first expedition is completed. This reduces the time it takes for players to head out and scout the terrain. This was a big sticking point for players, so it’s great to see this change implemented in Update 3.

Along with the Freeroam changes, a compass has been added to the HUB when out in the field. Players can use this to help guide their way through the landscape, meaning no more spamming the map!

The compass can be toggled on or off in the settings for players who want to carry on navigating the old-fashioned way. Side quest rewards and requirements are also now displayed on the map for players to keep track of.

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 3 patch notes

As popular as the changes above will be, they are just a small part of the changes made in Update 3 of Expeditions: A MudRunner Game. As well as the main changes, there are also bug fixes, gameplay optimizations, and other tweaks to the game.

Here are the full patch notes for Update 3:

Main changes:

  • Freeroam expeditions are unlocked after the first expedition in the region
  • A Compass has been added to the HUD, and it can be turned off in the Settings
  • The Map displays rewards and requirements for side quests
  • The information content of the Region selection window has been increased by redesigning the region's information
  • Improved the list of expeditions by sorting them from newest to completed and highlighting blocked expeditions
  • The Controller scheme B is available on Nintendo Switch
  • Added possibility to skip minigames


The progress of several achievements was lost without restoration. Please see the list below:

  • Anchor Management
  • Frankentruck
  • The Truck of Theseus
  • Truck-Curious
  • Truck Aficionado
  • 10 Ready. 20 Set. 30 Go Back to 10?
  • Start. Crash. Recover

The list of achievements were lost only on Playstation 4 and 5 but were saved partially on other platforms:

  • Explorer
  • Globetrotter
  • Fat Cat
  • All the Money in the World

The progress was restorated partially:

  • Explorer
  • Globetrotter
  • Fat Cat
  • All the Money in the World
  • Wild Colorado
  • Arizona Skies
  • Eurotrip
  • Seasoned Explorer
  • Trophy Hunter

List of achievements weren’t taken damage:

  • First Love
  • Lucky Find
  • Into the Wild
  • The Mechanic
  • Management Approves


  • Reworked slider sensitivity in the Camera the minigame
  • Added new articles to the Codex regarding expedition preparations
  • In the Tutorial, hint for transferring an item doesn’t activated when the item is already in the player's inventory
  • The Tutorial remains stable even after quickly pressing the Escape button at the beginning
  • Fixed freeze when the player has a large number of cars when selecting them in the Garage
  • When attempting to repair a wheel, the truck doesn't start refuel
  • The Metal detector indicates only upgrade zones that are actually presented on maps
  • The Anchors are installed correctly into the ground instead of hanging in the air
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  • On the Xbox platform, fixed the issue of freezing when trying to trade with the Base module after several re-entering to the expedition
  • On the Xbox platform, fixed a bug where the time of the save slot did not match the console's time


  • The PROS window supports using QR-codes
  • The L2 and R2 buttons doesn’t overlap the text in the PROS window
  • On the Truck selection window, the focus is centered on the first truck's icon instead of the 'Truck Store' button
  • Fixed focus on the truck icon in the Garage
  • Customization becomes available only after completing the Tutorial
  • The resources panel in the Garage could be controlled via mouse clicks
  • Upon completion of all stages of an expedition, it is marked as completed on the Map
  • Upgrades found during maps exploration are counted in the Profile statistics
  • Brightness value doesn’t reset to default after restarting


  • Erased bolts from Cotco’s canisters
  • Reworked physics of cargo’s sideboards, now the belts move with cargos
  • Collisions on Don 71 and Don 71 SE have been fixed. Previously, these collisions caused cars to lose control and flip in the air
  • Fixed clipping discs on the Step 310
  • Fixed bumper's hitbox on the Step 310 and Don 71


  • Fixed technical texts in the Upgrade obtained pop up
  • Hints in the Trade window no longer appear in all caps
  • Other localization-related bug fixes have been added


  • Added a sound of Metal detector activation
  • Added Drone exit sound

Are you happy with the Freeroam changes in Expeditions: A MudRunner Game? Let us know in the comments below!

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