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Farming Simulator 22 character customisation goes to another level with branded clothing

The days are drawing in and the official release date for Farming Simulator 22 is coming!

With the impending release, we are getting a few more details about everyone's favourite outdoor sim.

It's looking like players will have new and greater ways of customising their characters than ever before.

Farming Simulator 22 character customisation

Almost everything about the player's avatar can be customised in Farming Simulator 22. With a variety of male & female models, hairstyles, facial hair options, and clothes.

While finding the avatar that best suits yourself is always key, often its the outfits that they are wearing which we see more.

Farming Simulator 22 customization
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PICK YOUR POISON: What will your farmer look like?

In Farm Sim 22 there is more choice than ever, with real-life farming manufacturers lending their names and logos to outfits throughout the game.

From Case IH, CLAAS, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and others, you can pick out your favourite manufacturer, or just wear the right brand for whatever you're driving in the moment.

Farming Simulator 22 brands
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LOOK GOOD FARM GOOD: Which outfit will you pick?

Build it your way

Customisation doesn't stop with your character though.

Players will be able to personalise their farm with Construction Mode. Everything from large structures and siloes to floodlights and fences are all there to play around with and build your own idealic farmstead.

Release date

Farming Simulator 22 has an official release date of 22 November, 2021 so there isn't long to wait.

You can play Farm Sim 22 on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S, Stadia, PC, and Mac.

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