Farming Simulator 22: Complete guide to sheep - Caring, making money, and more!

Farming Simulator 22 is now in stores everywhere and if you're picking up the game for the first time, there's plenty to learn.

Thankfully, the team here at RacingGames is putting together a host of guides to get you up to speed.

This guide is going to cover sheep. So, let's take a look at what we need to do to get underway with sheep in Farm Sim 22!

Getting Started

First of all, you'll need a sheep pen to store your new livestock! To do so, simply enter the store menu, go to construction mode, hit the animals tab, and then select sheep.

FS22 Sheep
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From here, you can select three different types of sheep pen, each of which can hold a different total amount of animals. Obviously, the more sheep, the more expensive the building!

You'll also need some sheep! You can buy from the store menu once more by heading to the animal dealer and the pasture you would like them to go to, and pay for them that way. Likewise, you can purchase the sheep from the buy menu by walking to the paw icon at the entrance to your desired pen. From here, you select which breed, age, and quantity you want and just hit buy.

Otherwise, you can enter the animal transport section of the store and purchase the Silverstar. It is a whopping $80,000, but it's the only trailer in the base version of the game that can transport sheep.

Caring for sheep

The sheep will have two bars on their 'Animal Menu'. These are health and reproduction. Health will increase as you care for the animals, and reproduction will as well.

FS22 Vehicles
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In the brackets next to reproduction, you'll see the reason for which the sheep are not reproducing. This can be myriad things, such as their health being too low, or the sheep being too young.

The two more expensive sheep pens have built-in water troughs so no worries there, but the cheapest one does not. As such, we're going to need to get water for them. Under animals, in the shop, you can buy the Aquatrans 7300 S for $9500. Next, just back this trailer up into any water supply such as a large body of water.

However, you can also build a water tank which is found under the construction mode in containers. From here you can back the Aquatrans up to the water droplet icon, and hit I (eye) to start filling it up.

You feed sheep either hay or grass. There are a number of ways to do this as well. You can purchase bales from the store in Objects -> Bales, and then simply select which one you'd like. Once you've loaded this bale up, you just have to leave it in the troughs which are indicated by the tipping trailer icon on the sheep pen.

Wool production

At the edge of each of the pens, there is an area marked out by hazard tape. Each day an amount of wool will be produced and appear in this area on pallets.

You can sell this as is, or you can build a spinnery to create cloth that generates more money. Finally, you can even make a tailor shop and that will turn that cloth into clothes, which you can, of course, sell for even more.

That about does it for sheep, check out any of our other Farm Sim 22 guides, and come back here for any future updates!

Video tutorial

Farmer Cop has made this amazing video tutorial if you're still struggling!

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