Farming Simulator 22: How to maximise yield - complete guide, liming, fertilising, & more

Farming Simulator 22 is a great game, but it is one that comes with a steep learning curve. Those that are new to the series should definitely check out our beginner's guide. This though, is definitely for those that have some experience already and are looking to make some more money in-game.

Just like in the real world, money is essential to survival in Farming Sim 22. Making sure that you're making as much from your fields as possible isn't easy. There's no need to worry though, as we give you every way to ensure a maximum yield in FS22 right here!

How to improve yield

A lot of the parameters to whether you can have a good yield or not depend on the settings you have for your save. Things such as weeds and not enough lime in the soil can really affect your harvest, but many of these can be turned off. You need to be comfortable when playing, so don't dive into the deep end straight away in FS22.

If you do have liming active in-game though, this can increase yield by up to 15%, not bad for a simple spray. Speaking of spraying, if you fertilise the fields twice, this will give a 45% booster. As for weeding, removing all weeds can increase yield by up to 20%.

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MAKING THE MOST OF IT: Your field has to be properly prepared before getting an ideal harvest

Properly ploughing the field is another way to ensure a better yield. That increases it by 15%, the same as properly limed soil. Mulching and soil rolling also give boosters of 2.5% each, If you're pressed for time though, these are two you can leave, as their gains are marginal compared to the other methods.

One of the easiest ways to increase your crop yield is to install beehives into your farm. Bee increase your crop yield for up to 150 metres around the hive for the largest one. This is a decent booster of up to 5% as well and will give you honey to harvest as well.

The end result

Overall, if you carry out all of these methods, your yield will just about double to over 200% of what it normally would be. While it takes time and effort to ensure this is carried out correctly, it's definitely worth it and a good set of rules to get yourself into.

Video tutorial

To see the results for yourself, Farmer Cop shows you how he doubled his harvests by using these methods.

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