Farming Simulator 22 Xbox Game Pass: Will the new title hit the subscription service?

There's nothing quite like working with nature, but it is very expensive to start farming yourself!

Which is where the Farming Simulator franchise comes in. One of the most successful and recognisable titles of the "life sim" genre, you can start planting, harvesting, and building a garage of farming equipment from the warmth and comfort of your home.

But can Xbox Game Pass members go farming? Well, maybe...

Farming Simulator 22 Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has seen some huge titles land in the last few months. From Microsoft Flight Simulator to Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, Game Pass members are getting some sensational games to play. But what about Farming Simulator 22?

Well, at the time of writing it is the official release date for the game and it isn't on Game Pass. However, there is hope.

Farming Simulator 19 is on Game Pass and has been for some time.

farming simulator 22
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Which means there is definitely a chance that the new game could hit the subscription service eventually.

However, don't expect it to land any time soon. Developers GIANTS Software will be relying on a big wave of sales between now and Christmas.

Farm Sim 22 could land on Game Pass in mid-2022, but certainly don't expect it any time before May 2022.

New features

There are plenty of new features coming to the franchise in Farming Simulator 22.

The biggest one is seasonality. With snow in the teaser trailer and a big focus in all the pre-release trailers, changing seasons are bound to alter how at-home farmers have to think and work.

There are also a lot more customisation options for your avatar. From branded hoodies to specific safety equipment and overalls you can now get your player ready for each task and make sure they look the part.

Farming Simulator 22 brands
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There is also a brand new game engine that will make your farming smoother than ever.

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