GRID Legends ULTIMATE GUIDE: Review, guide, graphics, gameplay & more

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GRID Legends is here! The next chapter in the GRID franchise is out now on consoles and PC, and it's a huge improvement over the 2019 GRID reboot.

A new racing game is always exciting, and we've got all the information right here!

Latest news - Final DLC expansion adds three new cars including the Bugatti Bolide

The fourth and final GRID Legends DLC pack has arrived, with the Winter Bash expansion adding three new cars including the Bugatti Bolide track monster.

GRID Legends Winter Bash Bugatti Bolide
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Also included are eight new story chapters with snow-filled races, along with 45 updated Race Creator routes allowing boost gates and ramps.

Enduring Spirit DLC adds four new cars and Fuji International Speedway

The second GRID Legends DLC expansion has arrived, with the Enduring Spirit DLC adding four new cars and Fuji International Speedway. Multi-Class Endurance racing also returns in a new Driven to Glory story event.

GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC
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Classic Car-Nage Pack brings back demolition derby

After a long hiatus, demolition derby has returned to the GRID series with the release of the GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage Pack. The new DLC adds a new demolition derby game mode as well as five new cars, four new track layouts, and eight new story events.

Demolition derby returns to the GRID series for the first time since GRID Autosport.
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Demolition derby returns to the GRID series for the first time since GRID Autosport.

Update 2.0 adds new weather conditions

A major update has arrived in GRID Legends. Update v2.0 adds new fog and dust weather conditions to the Race Creator, dramatically reducing visibility for some challenging races.

GRID Legends update 2.0 dust storms
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New weather conditions have you battling blinding dust storms in Dubai.

The update also adds a new Special Events page, making it easier to access weekly and monthly challenges.

Codemasters also confirmed a long-requested Photo Mode is coming in a future update for future photographers.

Seneca & Ravenwest Double Pack out now

The GRID Legends Seneca & Ravenwest Double Pack DLC is available now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Originally a preorder bonus, the Seneca & Ravenwest Double Pack adds four new cars, six new career events, and a slew of customisation options.


GRID Legends is out now, and we've had a chance to get hands-on and review the latest Codemasters title.

You can read our review right here.

Beginner's guide

If you've never played a GRID game before, there are a few things you will need to get to grips with before you start embarking on your journey to the top.

That's why we've put together this beginner's guide full of useful advice for new players to the franchise.

Story-first racing

Just like F1 2021, there is a focus on a narrative story for GRID Legends.

Titled 'Driven to Glory', it's a gritty motorsport story that throws players in at the deep end as teams fight for the GRID World Series.

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Created using virtual production technology and featuring award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa (Valentin Manzi), Driven to Glory comes to life using real actors instead of motion-capture, blending movie sequences with racing challenges. After the story’s finale, progress carries into career progression, opening up a new series of events to complete

The story will revolve around you (Driver 22) carrying out "a classic underdog tale" to take on and topple the dominant team in the GRID World series, Ravenwest Racing. It appears as though Gatwa's character will be racing for another team, though, Voltz Racing.

Ravenwest is spearheaded by Nathan McKane, a five-time GRID Series World Champion. Whether Voltz is another team in the game, and at some point, Gatwa's character and McCain have some kind of confrontation in the paddock.

Ncuti Gatwa grid legends
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LEVEL UP: GRID is getting a proper story mode and some top actors on the billing

You'll be racing for Seneca Racing alongside teammate Yuma Tanaka, who is aiming to become the first woman to ever win the GRID World Series. Your Team Principle is Marcus Ado, who is coming under a lot of pressure thanks to the team's failings.

There is a smattering of other characters revealed too, but are unnamed for the moment. These include what appears to be an ambitious mechanic and a team owner that's pumping millions into his outfit to ensure victory.

Locations and tracks

GRID Legends has a huge selection of locations and circuits around the world.

Moscow in Russia is set to join the series, as well as London in the UK. The London landmarks of Buckingham Palace will be there for all to race past in GRID Legends.

GRID Legends strada alpina
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THE HILLS ARE ALIVE: You'll be able to race through stunning locations like the European Alps

The Strada Alpina has also been added, which will be perfect to race the hypercars around. The tracks for GRID Legends are made up of city circuits and purpose-built tracks, but don't expect to see Spa or Laguna Seca in GRID Legends.

The tracks are almost all fictional. This is so that they can lean into the unique handling and style of the GRID races.


Categories of cars also include Big rigs, stadium trucks, drift cars, open-wheel racers, muscle cars, electric cars, and the incredible hypercars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

It's also worth noting that multi-class racing will come to the series for the first time ever. This means that you can choose any of the cars within the game and put them on the same circuit to see what happens!

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