GRID Legends Release Date: Early access, editions, Game Pass, & more

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GRID Legends is the latest release in one of Codemasters' oldest franchises.

So when a new instalment of the franchise was announced at E3 in 2021 we were all extremely excited to see what Codemasters could do with a game.

Now we finally have a release date for the title, it's time to start planning how you will become GRID World Series champion!

Latest news - Getting hands-on with the story mode

We got hands-on with GRID Legends new story mode 'Driven To Glory'. This was along with some more in-depth gameplay opportunities.

Check out what we made of the story mode below!

GRID Legends release date

Codemasters usually likes to use a November release window for its non-F1 games, but GRID Legends is getting a different slot in the gaming calendar.

GRID Legends Porsche 962C
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A STORM IS COMING: Take on Ravenwest once again

GRID Legends will arrive on 25 February 2022, and on a variety of platforms.

As we've come to expect over the last year, the game will be available on previous and current generations of consoles. That means PS4 & PS5 as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It will also be available on PC, but there doesn't seem to be any news of a Nintendo Switch release just yet.

Early access

While the release date is now known, we always want to play a little sooner. Plenty of Codemasters titles come with some sort of three-day early access for players that purchase higher editions of the game.

However, there will be no such early access for GRID Legends, even with the Deluxe Edition...

Deluxe Edition

So what do you get with the Deluxe Edition?

Only available digitally, the Deluxe Edition brings exclusive Weekly & Monthly events for players as well as four major post-launch packs that will feature "new story experiences and career events, new game modes, new locations, more cars, sponsors, liveries, and logos."

That's quite the deal!

Grid legends atoms
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MIX IT UP: GRID Legends has a huge variety of vehicles to enjoy

The Deluxe Edition will bring with it a Mechanic Pass too. This will give players a quicker path to vehicle upgrades.

Xbox Game Pass

With Codemasters now a part of EA and EA Play a part of Xbox Game Pass we have seen plenty of Codemasters games land on Game Pass pretty quickly.

Right now there is no plan for a Day 1 release onto Game Pass, but by the Summer it could well be on the subscription service.

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