GRID Legends’ trophies and achievements are packed with racing game references

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With the launch now just a few days away (or you can play today if you're an EA Play Pro subscriber), Codemasters has revealed the complete GRID Legends trophy and achievements list for PlayStation and Xbox.

Hunting trophies and achievements will keep some players hooked on GRID Legends long after completing the Driven to Glory story and career modes.


In GRID Legends, there are 50 achievements to hunt on Xbox and 51 trophies on PlayStation including the Platinum trophy. If you take a closer look at the trophy and achievement list, you may find a reference to your favourite racing game.  

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Racing at the heart of everything

GRID Legends’ trophies and achievements are packed with racing game references and easter eggs to discover. For example, “Moon above the Castle” is clearly a reference to Gran Turismo’s Moon Over The Castle theme song. Rewarded for achieving a Legend rating in a Drift event, the “Reiko fan club” achievement/trophy refers to Ridge Racer’s mascot race queen Reiko Nagase.

Naturally, there are references to other Codemasters racing titles including the first three TOCA Race Driver games and Onrush. There are also nods to Sega arcade racers (“Blue, Blue Skies”), San Francisco Rush (“San Francisco Rushing”), and Metropolis Street Racer (“Metropolis Sleek Racer”).


“We had lots of fun coming up with the names of [the achievements] in Grid Legends," GRID Legends’ Senior Game Designer Paul Lovell explained in an interview with TrueAchievements.

Grid Legends Subaru BRZ screenshot
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You won't need to grind too hard to unlock every achievement and trophy in GRID Legends

"There are nods and references to some of our personal favourite racing games that we love dearly and are close to our heart. We liked the idea that players may read them, understand the reference, and get some enjoyment out of them too. Who doesn't want to be a Reiko fan club member?!”

Mercifully, the trophies and achievements in GRID Legends’ are a lot easier to complete than the last game. Most focus on completing story chapters career events, and objectives or adding certain cars to your garage, so you’ll unlock them naturally when progressing through the game. There are no online multiplayer trophies or achievements either.


Other trophies and achievements require you to set up specific scenarios or event types, encouraging you to experiment with the versatile Race Creator.  "There is nothing too grindy or hugely time-consuming," said Lovell. “There's a nice mix of requirements in there that we are really happy with.”

You won't need to grind

In contrast, 2019's GRID required a lot of monotonous grinding to complete the achievement and trophy list. This was primarily thanks to the frustrating Around the Globe achievement/trophy requiring dedicated players to drive 40,075km in the game – the equivalent distance to the earth’s total circumference.

This led to hardcore achievement and trophy hunters resorting to desperate measures like attaching an elastic band to the controller and leaving the game running for several days to unlock it.

GRID Legends truck racing
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Many of the Trophies and Achievements in GRID Legends are named after your favourite racing games

The notorious Around the Globe trophy/achievement returns in GRID Legends, but this time it won’t cause you to smash your controller in frustration. Thankfully, all you need to do is complete an event in every country to unlock it, which is much easier.

“You won't be surprised to learn we received a lot of feedback on that particular achievement from GRID," said Lovell.

"We thought it would be amusing to bring it back, but this time give players a much easier time earning it. You won't need elastic bands stuck to your controller and endless laps of Indianapolis this time! We hope this significantly easier version of Around the Globe makes up for the time it took to earn last time."

GRID Legends Trophy and Achievement list

Name Description Rarity (PS) Gamerscore (Xbox)
You must be one genius of a driver!You are the GRID LegendPlatinumN/A
Rhythm ShifterWin a race using manual transmissionBronze15
Raged RacerCause at least 3 opponents to reach Nemesis status during a single eventBronze15
Prepare to DyeSet up your Team designBronze15
Incredible, nobody can catch you!Win your first eventBronze15
ELBOWS OUTComplete Story - ELBOWS OUTBronze15
THIS IS ITComplete Story - THIS IS ITSilver30
Take them for all they've gotComplete 5 Sponsorship objectivesBronze15
Like a CobraWin the Shelby Cobra 289 FIA by completing its Sponsor eventBronze15
Bedroom poster car acquiredWin the Ferrari F40 LM by completing its Sponsor eventSilver15
Motorbike LoverWin the KTM X-BOW R by completing its Sponsor eventBronze15
Formula Exhaust FeatWin the Renault R26 by completing its Sponsor eventBronze20
Insert Joke HereWin the Porsche 935/78 Group 5 'Moby Dick' by completing its Sponsor eventBronze15
Radical RotaryWin the Mazda Furai by completing its Sponsor eventSilver30
Thanks for the Mad approval!Complete the Formula X EventBronze15
Race DriverComplete the TC-2 FinaleBronze20
Race Driver 2Complete the Classic Touring Car FinaleBronze20
Race Driver 3Complete the TC-1 FinaleBronze30
Alpine WonWin a race on Strada Alpina (Circuito Stradale) in the Mitsubishi Evolution IX Time AttackBronze15
Sure, JanComplete 10 Race Events with the Ginetta G55 GT3Bronze15
Careering alongComplete 15 Events in Career modeSilver30
For the Time Extend crew!Complete every launch Elimination event in CareerSilver25
Balancing taskIn a Multi-Class event, beat a Mazda 787B in a Mazda MX-5Bronze15
Caffeine and CatchupBe in 22nd place during an Elimination event, then go on to winBronze15
Around the Globe, AGAIN!?Complete any event at every country in the gameSilver30
Going the distanceGain access to Tier 3 Upgrades within any vehicle upgrade treeBronze30
I played so much GT1Gain access to Tier 3 Upgrades for each launch car in GT Class 1Silver15
Last minute changeOwn all 4 launch Beltra vehiclesBronze20
Passione RossaOwn every launch Ferrari and gain access to Tier 3 Upgrades for all of themSilver40
Power and HonorOwn both Aston Martin Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro ConceptSilver30
Ramp it up!Hit every ramp on every lap of a Stadium Trucks ramp eventBronze15
For EV, with loveSuccessfully hit 50 Boost gates in Electric eventsBronze15
Reiko fan clubAchieve a Legend rating in any Drift eventBronze15
Chill OutComplete 5 events in Snowy conditionsBronze15
Moon above the CastleComplete any event at the Havana Castillo View route during Night conditionsBronze15
Metropolis Sleek RacerComplete a race at London, Paris, Moscow, and Chicago locations in any Track Day HypercarBronze15
The time is nowWin a Time Attack event using the Honda CRX MightyMouseSilver30
RUSH ONWin a Stadium Truck event on any Moscow routeBronze15
Couldn't be more BritishWin a race featuring a 22 grid of Mini Miglias around any London route. At night. In the rain.Bronze15
San Francisco RushingWin a race event on every San Francisco routeBronze20
Blue, Blue SkiesWin a race at Indianapolis Oval Circuit in the Jupiter Classic Stock in Dry conditionsBronze15
Content Tracker ReduxOwn 100 cars and complete any event in each of themGold50
What a Legend!Complete The Gauntlet in Career ModeGold50