GTA Online The Contract OUT NOW: Patch size, Dr Dre, new missions & more

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We're now in December and all eyes are on the GTA Online Winter Update.

The last update, LS Tuners, bought car culture to Los Santos in a big way, so what is next for the ever-popular GTA Online? And more importantly when can players expect to get hands on with the new content.

Latest news - The Contract rolls out

Rockstar has started the rollout of the latest DLC. On Xbox it's a 3.8GB patch, while it's 4.15 GB on PlayStation.

Those on PC are split in two. Steam players have a 4.5GB update to install while Epic players have 4.88GB.

GTA Online Winter Update 2021 release date

Rockstar is normally pretty opaque when it comes to major updates for GTA Online, but the latest Weekly Update gives us an important clue about when the Festive Surprise will hit.

The Weekly Updates normally reset on a Thursday, but the current one will wrap on Tuesday 14 December. That change usually means a major update for the game is coming in on that date. However a huge advert has given us a more clear idea of when the new DLC will arrive.

gta online the contract
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TIMES SQUARE: Rockstar took out this huge advertising space in New York

Thanks to this Times Square ad we know not only the name of the update, but also that it will arrive on Wednesday 15 December.

The Contract

So, what exactly is The Contract?

Well we know Dr. Dre is involved, so it's highly music-centric. We've also got our first look at what to expect thanks to Rockstar confirming that a new radio station is coming to Los Santos, along with updates for two others.

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There will be exclusive new music from Dr. Dre, ScHoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs, and more as part of The Contract. The new station, MOTOMAMI, will be hosted by Rosalia and Arca.

The Contract story

The new update will follow Franklin in his life after the Union Depository heist.

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Rockstar has given us a taste of what is to come...

"Welcome to F. Clinton and Partner, a new 'celebrity solutions agency' catering to the Vinewood elite in need of solutions to high-society problems.

Franklin needs two things: a reliable partner and a big-ticket, high-profile client. With your longtime LS contact — and newly aspiring cannabis entrepreneur — Lamar Davis making the connection, you can be the partner that helps Franklin take the business to the next level."

Per reliable leaker Tez2 the story will be heist-like, with smaller preparatory missions before a finale. There will be 4 agency locations to buy, with the cheapest being 2 million GTA$, while there will be as many as 15 new vehicles and 3 new weapons.

New cars

There will be some new cars for players to enjoy too. The Enus Jubilee is a Rolls-Royce, while the Dewbauchee Champion pulls directly from the Aston Martin Victor.

enus jubilee gta online
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We can't wait to find out more!

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