New cars arrive in GTA Online as The Contract DLC finally releases

It's nearing Christmas, which means it's time for a big GTA Online update!

Last year we got a brand new heist in a new location, with lots of cool vehicles and additions to the GTA world. This year things are focused on music, but that doesn't mean there is nothing for racers.

We are still getting some fresh rides to enjoy. Let's take a look!

GTA Online The Contract release date

Rockstar hasn't been quiet about The Contract, taking out a huge advert in Times Square to let people know when it's coming.

gta online the contract
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The new DLC will arrive on 15 December, and is rolling out now!

New cars

There are 15 new vehicles coming to the GTA Online. While some are variants of current cars, we are also getting some brand new machines to buy and go racing with!

Let's take a look at each of them.

Enus Jubilee

The Enus Jubilee is a beautiful Rolls-Royce that will fit perfectly with the big-time music producer vibe of The Contract.

enus jubilee gta online
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Seemingly kitted out with machine guns in the front grill and an armoured body this could be one serious piece of kit.

It will set you back $1,650,000 so it isn't cheap, but it's also super stylish.

Dewbauchee Champion

The second car we know about is the Dewbauchee Champion. This is a 2-door Coupe that appears to be based on the Aston Martin Victor.

dewbauchee champion gta online
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With a huge rear wing and flame-spitting side exhaust, this will fit perfectly into the racing scene of GTA Online.

This will cost you $2,995,000 so be ready with the checkbook!

Pfister Astron

This new luxury SUV is based on the Porsche Macan.

dre GTA
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This car looks great for cruising to the start of a new mission in The Contract and will cost you $1,580,000.

Lampadati Cinquemila

While we haven't yet seen the new Lampadati Cinquemila we can assume that it is based on the Maserati 5000 GT given its name.

It's reportedly priced at $1,740,000

Also coming...

  • Enus Diety - $1,845,000
  • Pegasi Ignus - $2,765,000

We expect to discover a few more as the day progresses so keep this page bookmarked, as well will update with all the information of the cars in The Contract DLC as it arrives!

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