Hot Wheels Unleashed Trailer: Locations, Gameplay, Release date, & more!

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Big kids rejoice! An official Hot Wheels game is on its way, and we've now got more trailers than we know what to do with!

An announcement trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed piqued our interest, and the various trailers since have got us on the edge of our seats.

In fact, we've now got various trailers to look at. So, let's take a look at what we know so far!

Latest News - Gameplay Preview

We've had our first hands-on experience of actual gameplay, and the game looks phenomenal!

We're now even more excited for the full-game to launch.

Skatepark location trailer

We've finally been treated to even more gameplay, as the Skatepark location trailer reveals all about the track.

The location looks absolutely immense, and we're sure players will be able to come up with some pretty incredible tracks here.

Gameplay Trailer

Milestone have finally treated us to our first look at the gameplay of Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Whilst the game is still in pre-alpha stage, it's shaping to be everything we could have dreamed for!

The gameplay puts little cars in larger than life settings, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of Hot Wheels racing.

Trailer breakdown

The trailer, which Milestone released on their official YouTube channel, is just over 90 seconds long but we can learn a lot from it.

The trailer begins with us following a Hot Wheels muscle car around a room. It appears as though the room is life-size, whereas the car is miniature, like the real-life toys.

We then get a look at the racing itself, which takes place on the orange plastic ramps that we're so familiar with. Loop-de-loops, tunnels and bridges are all featured in the course we see.

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LITTLE CAR IN A BIG WORLD: It looks as though this game will replicate the toys

Furthermore, there's a section of the circuit which has a magnetic strip that holds the cars upside down. If you stray off this, you'll fall down and out of the race. This is definitely something that will trip many up.

There's a glimpse at what could be Mario Kart-style power-ups too, as one of the cars gets a boost and pulls ahead of the pack. This could be like the NOS system like what we see in Need for Speed though, it's hard to tell.

Something else we get a sneak peek at is a potential takedown mechanic. This could be similar to what we've seen in the likes of the Burnout franchise, where you can crash an opponent out of the race.

We've often wondered when we'd get a true in-game track creator and it looks like Hot Wheels Unleashed could have one of those. We clearly see transparent sections of track being added as the cars approach them.

A shout-out needs to go to the soundtrack as well, it's like something out of Tron and fits the theme of the neon-lit world of Hot Wheels Unleashed perfectly.

Announcement trailer

If you haven't seen the reveal trailer yet, we've linked it for your viewing pleasure below:

Release date

Hot Wheels Unleashed will release on 27 September 2021. It will land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows PC.

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