Is Farming Simulator 22 on Nintendo Switch?

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After three years of waiting, Farming Simulator 22 has finally arrived.

The new title is available across multiple platforms, and players around the world are loving the new features, new tasks, and new crops.

However, can Nintendo Switch players fire up their tractor and get to work in the fields just yet?

Farming Simulator 22 Nintendo Switch

Switch players are used to getting games late, or not at all, as the demands of the handheld console are very different to that of PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

While Farming Simulator 22 was officially released on 22 November across other major platforms. It did not hit the Switch.

However, that doesn't mean we definitely won't be getting a new Farm Sim title for Switch players...

Porting over

When Farm Sim 19 arrived back in 2018 it didn't come with a Switch release either. A year later, and Farm Sim 20 hit Switch, Android, and iOS.

Farming Simulator 22
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SUNSHINE ON SWITCH? FS 22 could be coming to Nintendo with a different title in the future

We could easily see a more mobile/handheld friendly version of the game arrive at a later date, perhaps titled Farming Simulator 23.

That would certainly entertain fans, and keep there is no doubt that it takes some extra work getting a complicated title like Farm Sim ready for the Switch.

So don't lose hope, it's not all lost. And in the meantime Farm Sim 20 is still a great title!!

Farming Simulator 22 guides

Here at RacingGames.GG we love world simulation titles like Farm Sim 22, so we have put together some guides on crops, animals, and mods that you can use to get the most out of your farming experience.

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