LEGO 2K Drive map: Every biome in Bricklandia

LEGO 2K Drive map: Every biome in Bricklandia

LEGO 2K Drive map: Every biome in Bricklandia

Exploring new opens worlds for the first time is daunting, but our LEGO 2K Drive map will show you every biome you can explore in 2K Games’ new kart racer.

LEGO 2K Drive is the latest kart racer to challenge Mario Kart, with a colourful open world to explore, an incredibly deep car builder and the irreverent humour we’ve come to expect in LEGO games.

If you’re looking for the LEGO 2K Drive map of Bricklandia, we’ve got you covered.

LEGO 2K Drive map: Welcome to Bricklandia

LEGO 2K Drive lets you explore a sprawling open world called Bricklandia. As you explore, you’ll find new minigames, quests and story races dotted around the map.

LEGO 2K Drive Turbo Acres
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Once you reach the required rank by completing events, you’ll unlock each biome’s final Grand Prix race, culminating with the final Sky Cup Championship.

Bricklandia is split into four distinct biomes at the time of writing: Turbo Acres, Big Butte County, Prospecto Valley and Hauntborough. Bricklandia will expand with new locations coming in post-launch updates as part of the Drive Pass.

While you’re free to explore each biome, they aren’t connected. Unfortunately, this means you can’t drive between locations seamlessly. Instead, you need to find fast travel garages in each location.

Turbo Acres

Turbo Acres is where you start in LEGO 2K Drive. It’s essentially a tutorial hub where you’ll learn basic driving techniques and enter practice races to prepare you for the main Story campaign.

LEGO 2K Drive Turbo Acres map
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You’ll return to Turbo Acres throughout the campaign to race rivals. This is the smallest biome with only one fast-travel garage location. Notable landmarks include a large trophy and a McLaren garage.

Big Butte County

Inspired by the Arizona desert, Big Butte Country is the first location you’ll unlock after completing every tutorial event in Turbo Acres. This biome is filled with twisty canyon trails, winding rivers and a central town with plenty of objects to destroy.

LEGO 2K Drive Big Butte County map
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There’s also a Big Dino Park with towering prehistoric brick sculptures and you may encounter extraterrestrial visitors.

Prospecto Valley

Once you reach the required rank, you’ll unlock the Prospecto Valley biome. With lakes, beaches, and rolling hills, there are plenty of scenic sights to see in Prospecto Valley.

LEGO 2K Drive Prospecto Valley map
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If you’re trying to 100% complete LEGO 2K Drive, there are also 50 gold nugget collectables scattered around Prospecto Valley to find.


Hauntborough is the final region you’ll unlock. This spooky town is permanently set at night and features the most challenging tracks in the game littered with obstacles to avoid. Skeletons, zombies, and monsters roaming around is a normal sight in Hauntborough.

LEGO 2K Drive Hauntborough map
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Among Hauntborough’s main attractions are crumbling castles, massive pumpkin carvings, and fungi-infested villages. Also, beware of car-sized spiders on the road as they will damage you.

Those are all the biomes you can currently explore in the LEGO 2K Drive map, but more locations are coming as DLC in the Drivepass.

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