Motorsport Manager 4 Announced

One of the worst-kept secrets in recent weeks, Motorsport Manager 4 has been officially announced. Developed by Playsport Games, Motorsport Manager 4 is just the fourth entry in the incredibly popular Motorsport Manager franchise.

Motorsport Manager 4 announced

Having teased the game in a series of X posts over the last week, this latest post reveals Motorsport Manager 4 is coming soon. The sequel to the highly successful Motorsport Manager 3, Motorsport Manager 4 will also be a mobile exclusive, available on both Android and iOS.

With the last game in the series including augmented reality features, it’s hoped Motorsport Manager 4 will also feature the ability to watch races play out over the coffee table. There’s no confirmation yet as to which racing championships will be included, but it’s expected that all championships previously featured will return.

Motorsport Manager 3 introduced six new championships covering both Endurance and GT Championships. With most championships now featured in the series, Motorsport Manager 4 could see the series venture onto two wheels for the first time.

Motorsport Manager 4 available for preorder

The post on X has revealed that Motorsport Manager is now available to preorder. Priced at £4.99 in the UK (approx. $6.50 at the time of writing), players who preorder will be able to claim an exclusive free livery once the game launches.

Motorsport Manager 4 teaser car
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The Motorsport Manager series is perfect for those who want to manage a racing team to victory on the commute to work. Unlike the F1 Manager series, which requires a bit more time and dedication when playing, Motorsport Manager has been designed to be played in short bursts, with team managers able to drop in at a moment's notice to guide their team to win after win.

You can preorder Motorsport Manager 4 by clicking here (mobile-only).

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